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Ankit Panda

Ankit Panda

Ankit Panda is the Stanton Senior Fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and editor-at-large at The Diplomat. Follow him on Twitter.


Kim Jong Un’s arms factory visits show sanctions not halting weapons advances

Mass-production capabilities are wake-up call to how well North Korea has adapted defense ambitions to sanctions regime

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaAugust 10, 2023

At parade, North Korea showcases a powerful asset — Chinese and Russian backing

Foreign delegations send message DRPK’s allies can tolerate its nukes, as military rolls out ICBMs and underwater drones

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaJuly 28, 2023

A remarkable success: North Korea stuns with second test of solid-fuel ICBM

Hwasong-18 flew higher and longer than any previous missile, but how DPRK has achieved such feats remains a mystery

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaJuly 13, 2023

US reassures Seoul over North Korean threats, with eye on ROK nuclear debate

Washington Declaration provides important updates to alliance but risks encouraging South Korean nuke advocates

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaApril 28, 2023

With new solid-fuel ICBM, North Korea can launch strike on US faster than ever

Hwasong-18 makes preemption more difficult, diversifying Kim Jong Un’s arsenal of less responsive liquid-fuel missiles

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaApril 14, 2023

With warhead inspection, Kim Jong Un flaunts confidence in tactical nukes

Display of mass-produced Hwasan-31 helps North Korea achieve its deterrence goals, with or without a nuclear test

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaMarch 29, 2023

Why North Korea’s ‘radioactive tsunami’ weapon may just be a bluff

New undersea drone has major flaws that make it unworthy of serious investment, but it can still send message to US

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaMarch 27, 2023

North Korea’s new silo-based missile raises risk of prompt preemptive strikes

Silos enable regime to launch tactical nuclear weapons at moment’s notice, further complicating US-ROK military planning

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaMarch 21, 2023

Why the US might not actually try to shoot down a North Korean ICBM over Pacific

US likely to attempt interception only if missile poses a threat, but full-range tests still raise miscalculation risks

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaMarch 15, 2023

How North Korea’s submarine-launched cruise missiles ratchet up risk of conflict

Stealth advantages of sea-launched weapons could push US and ROK toward preemption, while DPRK bets on deterrence effect

Ankit PandaAnkit PandaMarch 13, 2023
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