April 18, 2019
April 18, 2019

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Tim Beal

Tim Beal did a MA (Hons) in Modern Chinese Studies at Edinburgh University, followed by a PhD there on Chinese foreign trade. He moved to New Zealand in 1987 teaching at Victoria University of Wellington until his retirement in 2009. He has written extensively on International and Asian affairs, including two books relating to Korea: ‘North Korea: The Struggle against American Power’ (London: Pluto, 2005) and ‘Crisis in Korea: America, China, and the Risk of War’ (London: Pluto, 2011). He has been visiting both Koreas since the 1990s and maintains a geopolitical website focused on the peninsula at http://www.timbeal.net.nz/geopolitics/

  Opinion 13 September
By Tim Beal

Fallout: S. Korea as collateral damage in U.S.' struggle with China

  Analysis 19 May
By Tim Beal

Wendy Sherman hints at Hillary Clinton’s Korea policy

  13 January
By Tim Beal

The myth of the North Korean threat

  26 August
By Tim Beal

From pilgrimage to profit: N. Korea’s search for tourism revenue

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