December 07, 2023

The North Korean threat – the myth and its makers

Stories of Pyongyang’s relative military capability are much exaggerated – for a variety of reasons

miliThe available evidence shows that North Korea is in most respects much weaker militarily than the South, and the balance between the two shifts hugely in the South’s favor in the crucial aspect of advanced technology equipment. But a limited comparison of North and South is really meaningless because this is essentially a question of North Korea versus the United States – an attack by North Korea on the South would inevitably be a declaration of war against the United States. The U.S. has “operational command” of the South Korean military in the event of war, there are 28,500 U.S. military personnel (and considerably more civilians) stationed there and there is the over-riding geopolitical imperative – the U.S. would not tolerate the establishment of an independent Korea by force. The Korean Peninsula is where China, Japan, Russia and the United States meet and contest and as such is the most strategically valuable place on earth.

The American empire is a global one and it has long experience of building coalitions