December 05, 2023

North Korean copy of South’s ‘fire chicken’ ramen shown at Pyongyang food fair

Noodles by Kyonghung Trading Company featured at expo in Pyongyang in sign that clones of ROK products remain available

A North Korean spicy noodle product on display at a recent food fair in Pyongyang appears to copy the packaging of South Korea’s famous “Buldak” ramen, an indicator that items borrowing heavily from leading ROK brands remain available despite state efforts to limit foreign cultural influence.

A video uploaded Sunday by the DPRK-affiliated PeterNews account on YouTube showcases “Spicy Chicken-flavored Blackbean noodles” made by North Korea’s Kyonghung Foodstuff Factory. The packaging is black, yellow and red and even includes a chicken mascot similar to South Korea’s “fire chicken” noodles.