February 25, 2024

Wreckage of suspected N. Korean UAV discovered at sea

Discovery latest in series of apparent N. Korean UAVs discovered in South

The wreckage of a suspected North Korean unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was discovered in the waters west of South Korea’s Baengnyeong Island in the Yellow Sea on Monday. The UAV was recovered on the afternoon of September 15, when a South Korean fisherman discovered its parachute cord entangled in his anchor.  The aircraft, roughly 1-meter-long with an 80-centimeter wingspan, is similar in appearance to another suspected North Korean UAV recovered near Paju, South Korea, in March.

Monday’s discovery marks the latest in several recoveries of suspected North Korean UAVs this year. The recoveries of three separate UAVs were reported this spring alone, including one discovered near Baengnyeong Island. The flight computer recovered from the drone found near Baengnyeong Island in March indicated that that UAV originated from a point approximately 17 kilometers southwest of Haeju, North Korea, or roughly 70 kilometers due east of Baengnyeong Island. It had reportedly taken two photographs of South Korean troops deployed on two unspecified islands. While the three drones recovered in March were reportedly carrying reconnaissance cameras, the one recovered Monday was not.