September 23, 2020


Information related to shipping in and around the DPRK

UN: North Korea made 33 illegal coal shipments after lifting COVID-19 measures

The "majority" of coal gets transferred from Chongjin, Nampho and Taean ports to Chinese waters and buyers, report says

Min Chao Choy August 6, 2020

North Korea may have exceeded its yearly fuel cap in just one month: UN report

U.N. Panel of Experts report details a sanctions violation complaint against the DPRK submitted by 43 nations

Min Chao Choy August 5, 2020

North Korean ships spotted returning to old coal smuggling routes near Vietnam

The most suspicious ship, the Mi Yang 5, was placed on a banned vessels list by the U.S. Coast Guard in 2018

Min Chao Choy August 4, 2020

VIDEO: Despite COVID-19 fears, train delivers cargo across China-DPRK border

Train cargo includes goods covered in blue tarpaulins while the border bridge appears to be undergoing maintenance

Chad O'Carroll August 3, 2020

China steps closer to opening bridge meant to boost trade with North Korea

The cross-border road bridge was completed late last year, but has yet to open or facilitate trade

Colin Zwirko July 27, 2020

North Korea changes its maritime law amid increased fishing, casualties

North Korea is addressing safety issues and becoming increasingly transparent about changes to the maritime law

Martin Weiser July 22, 2020

North Korea uses eight fake ship identities for post-COVID quarantine smuggling

False identities are providing cover for DPRK ships on the Nampho-Zhoushan route to smuggle coal, despite sanctions

Min Chao Choy July 21, 2020

North Korea conducted more than 1,000 COVID-19 tests: All results 'negative'

World Health Organization suggests less than 200 have been tested since the last update in June

Jeongmin Kim July 21, 2020

Italian firm granted another extension to UN sanctions exemptions

Agrotec SPA faced difficulties delivering agricultural machinery to DPRK farms since summer 2019

Colin Zwirko July 17, 2020

North Korean coal smuggling route to China rebounds to pre-COVID activity levels

At least 17 DPRK-linked ships traversed Chinese waters as authorities turn a blind eye to illicit shipping

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