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June 22, 2024


Jonathan R. Corrado

Jonathan R. Corrado

As director of policy for The Korea Society, an American non-profit organization, Jonathan Corrado regularly writes and speaks about security, diplomacy, and socioeconomic change on the Korean Peninsula and the surrounding region. He is the author of a series of papers for the United Nations Program in Support of Peace and Cooperation in Northeast Asia, and he has presented at international relations conferences hosted by Oxford, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins universities, as well as in Geneva and Brussels. Jonathan previously served as a translator for Daily NK, a due diligence investigator for Steele Compliance Solutions, and an intern research analyst for the Congressional Research Service (CRS). He is a graduate of the Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service M.A. in Asian Studies Program.


How the new military cost-sharing deal will affect the US and the Koreas

After years of negotiating tensions, Washington and Seoul struck a deal that will strengthen their alliance

Jonathan R. CorradoJonathan R. CorradoApril 23, 2021

How Kim Jong Un’s crackdown on foreign culture hurts Korean reconciliation

North Korea is trying to stop people from learning about South Korean life. That could seriously widen cultural gaps.

Jonathan R. CorradoJonathan R. CorradoApril 15, 2021

Who are Biden’s potential advisors, and how will they affect North Korea policy?

Biden's advisors will likely support pressuring North Korea toward talks that could facilitate an interim arms deal

Jonathan R. CorradoJonathan R. CorradoNovember 16, 2020

China put itself in the spotlight with its flurry of new Korean War propaganda

Beijing rewrote history to put itself on center stage, sending warnings to the US and friendly messages to North Korea

Jonathan R. CorradoJonathan R. CorradoOctober 28, 2020

How South Korea’s entry into the Indo Pacific initiative will impact North Korea

The initiative will help Seoul deal with Pyongyang, no matter what — and it could help keep Chinese influence at bay

Jonathan R. CorradoJonathan R. CorradoSeptember 14, 2020

Why North Korea blames ‘bourgeois culture’ and conducts foreign media shakedowns

A recent state media article suggests that DPRK leadership is increasingly threatened by foreign influence

Jonathan R. CorradoJonathan R. CorradoJuly 23, 2020

The impact of sanctions, coronavirus, and response measures on the DPRK economy

Increased state control over the economy and coinciding external developments could spell trouble for many North Koreans

Jonathan R. CorradoJonathan R. CorradoApril 30, 2020

The UN report on North Korea sanctions: implications for policymakers

Proven and newer evasion techniques have evolved in complexity, making sanctions more difficult to implement

Jonathan R. CorradoJonathan R. CorradoApril 17, 2020

ROK-U.S. cost-sharing talks: what’s at stake in the battle between the allies

Amid broader efforts to get allies to pay more, a U.S. deal with South Korea could affect deals with Germany and Japan

Jonathan R. CorradoJonathan R. CorradoApril 3, 2020

North Korea’s coronavirus crackdown: the economic impact so far

Some measures have been necessary precautions against an outbreak, but others are unnecessarily harming the market

Jonathan R. CorradoJonathan R. CorradoFebruary 25, 2020
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