July 09, 2020


Jonathan R. Corrado

Jonathan Corrado regularly writes and speaks about security, diplomacy, and socioeconomic change on the Korean Peninsula and surrounding region, having recently co-authored a report titled “Making North Korea Creditworthy: How it will finance its post nuclear development,” and a scoping paper for the United Nations Program in Support of Peace and Cooperation in Northeast Asia. He has presented at international relations conferences hosted by Oxford, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins universities, as well as in Geneva, Beijing, and Brussels. Jonathan previously served as a translator for Daily NK, a due diligence investigator for Steele Compliance Solutions, and an intern research analyst for the Congressional Research Service. He is a graduate of the Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service M.A. in Asian Studies Program.


The G20 summit: What progress was made on North Korea?

A summit of world leaders saw both the U.S., China, and Russia dig their heels in on the DPRK

Jonathan R. Corrado July 13, 2017

“Maximum Pressure” in action? The U.S. Treasury’s new China-focused measures, explained

The U.S. message to Beijing is clear: “Get your house in order"

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