July 10, 2020


Jonathan R. Corrado

Jonathan Corrado regularly writes and speaks about security, diplomacy, and socioeconomic change on the Korean Peninsula and surrounding region, having recently co-authored a report titled “Making North Korea Creditworthy: How it will finance its post nuclear development,” and a scoping paper for the United Nations Program in Support of Peace and Cooperation in Northeast Asia. He has presented at international relations conferences hosted by Oxford, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins universities, as well as in Geneva, Beijing, and Brussels. Jonathan previously served as a translator for Daily NK, a due diligence investigator for Steele Compliance Solutions, and an intern research analyst for the Congressional Research Service. He is a graduate of the Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service M.A. in Asian Studies Program.


Another degree of heat: the Otto Warmbier North Korea Nuclear Sanctions Act

Does H.R. 3898 really include “the most far-reaching sanctions ever directed at North Korea"?

Jonathan R. Corrado October 30, 2017

What Trump’s disavowal of the Iran deal means for North Korea

The move will have far-reaching diplomatic implications for DC’s ability to build coalitions

Jonathan R. Corrado October 20, 2017

Trump’s new travel ban: what does it mean for North Koreans?

In prohibiting DPRK citizens, the U.S. may be gathering leverage for future talks

Jonathan R. Corrado September 27, 2017

The U.S. Treasury’s “hand-to-hand combat”: how the new sanctions work

The new EO gives authorities an unprecedented set of tools

Jonathan R. Corrado September 25, 2017

What UNSCR 2375 means for North Korea’s joint ventures

Differing perspectives on what constitutes a permissible JV will likely sandbag deliberations

Jonathan R. Corrado September 18, 2017

Washington’s new North Korea policy? “We’ll see”

The administration has veered between deterrence, dialogue, and "fire and fury"

Jonathan R. Corrado September 8, 2017

Crude proposal? A North Korean oil embargo, in theory and in practice

Petroleum politics have long been a staple of the sanction and pressure discussion

Jonathan R. Corrado August 24, 2017

New policy, same as the old? Making sense of “strategic accountability”

Washington's DPRK approach has had to keep up with the President's often brash style

Jonathan R. Corrado August 16, 2017

Maximum pressure? How UNSCR 2371 will impact North Korea’s economy

For the new measures to have serious bite, they will have to be implemented and enforced like never before

Jonathan R. Corrado August 8, 2017

A “slow squeeze”: The U.S.’s next move against North Korea

The executive and legislative branches are intent on communicating to the world that this is not business as usual

Jonathan R. Corrado July 27, 2017