July 10, 2020


Jonathan R. Corrado

Jonathan Corrado regularly writes and speaks about security, diplomacy, and socioeconomic change on the Korean Peninsula and surrounding region, having recently co-authored a report titled “Making North Korea Creditworthy: How it will finance its post nuclear development,” and a scoping paper for the United Nations Program in Support of Peace and Cooperation in Northeast Asia. He has presented at international relations conferences hosted by Oxford, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins universities, as well as in Geneva, Beijing, and Brussels. Jonathan previously served as a translator for Daily NK, a due diligence investigator for Steele Compliance Solutions, and an intern research analyst for the Congressional Research Service. He is a graduate of the Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service M.A. in Asian Studies Program.


U.S.-ROK military cost-sharing negotiations: a history and lessons for the future

U.S. should remember the alliance's strategic value when pursuing the 11th SMA deal

Jonathan R. Corrado October 2, 2019

How cyberattacks are generating billions in illicit revenue for North Korea

A UNSC report states hacks have contributed $2 billion to date for weapons programs

Jonathan R. Corrado September 12, 2019

North Korea’s financial services sector: state banks versus the “Donju”?

DPRK banks must shake untrustworthy image amid competition for depleting foreign currency

Jonathan R. Corrado August 22, 2019

Why U.S. sanctions on North Korea are about to get a much longer reach

New laws stand to substantially increase Washington's ability to put pressure on Pyongyang

Jonathan R. Corrado July 31, 2019

Europe’s role in diplomacy on the Korean peninsula: enabler, intermediary, example

The EU can play a crucial part in shoring up the U.S.-ROK strategy to induce Pyongyang to denuclearize

Jonathan R. Corrado July 9, 2019

Will Democrats in the House change U.S. direction on North Korea?

An increasingly hawkish Foreign Affairs Committee stands to have significant influence on policy

Jonathan R. Corrado January 17, 2019

What an OPCON transfer could mean for the U.S.-South Korea Alliance

A transfer of command would likely strengthen, not weaken, the allies

Jonathan R. Corrado December 25, 2018

Why the U.S. midterm elections matter for North Korea

Voters largely support rapprochement, but a Democratic victory might see a more hawkish Congress emerge

Jonathan R. Corrado November 5, 2018

How will the U.S.-China trade war affect talks with North Korea?

A drawn-out dispute could undermine sanctions and limit economic cooperation in the event of a deal

Jonathan R. Corrado September 27, 2018

What comes first, denuclearization or a peace treaty?

Bridging the gap between the North and the U.S. on the specifics of sequencing remains a tricky prospect

Jonathan R. Corrado September 19, 2018