July 27, 2021


Chad O'Carroll

Chad O'Carroll

Chad O’Carroll has written on North Korea since 2010 and writes between London and Seoul.


UK’s outbound North Korea ambassador Colin Crooks to be next ambassador to Seoul

Personnel shift likely to take place in early 2022, sources say

Author Image Chad O'Carroll July 6, 2021
Border Controls

Russian Embassy confirms large group of Russians left North Korea last Friday

Photos show dozens of Russians leaving North Korea from Pyongyang railway station

Author Image Chad O'Carroll July 5, 2021

NK Pro briefing: Creative options for North Korea sanctions relief

Daniel Wertz, Joshua Stanton, and Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt discuss pragmatic approaches to North Korea sanctions

Author Image Chad O'Carroll June 30, 2021

South Korea detains man suspected of spying for North Korea

Seoul prosecutors announce arrest of left-leaning researcher, claim he met North Korean agent four times

Author Image Chad O'Carroll June 25, 2021

Russia proposes civil aviation safety agreement with North Korea

Draft emerges after Russia provided DPRK with almost $1 million in jet parts in 2020

Author Image Chad O'Carroll June 24, 2021

Risk analysis: North Korea faces crisis due to relentless COVID-19 controls

Food scarcity will exacerbate chronic hunger and could lead to starvation if prices and availability do not stabilize

Author Image Chad O'Carroll| Peter Ward June 23, 2021

DPRK imports from China collapse as official state media warns of ‘food crisis’

Customs data indicates North Korea imported 90% less from China in May than during April

Author Image Chad O'Carroll June 22, 2021

Photos: Amid North Korean ‘food crisis,’ farmers active near inter-Korean border

High-powered zoom lens offers a peek into rural North Korea during emerging ‘food crisis’

Author Image Chad O'Carroll June 22, 2021

Syria’s Assad is Kim Jong Un’s most frequent pen pal in first half of 2021

DPRK and Syria have cooperated before on missiles and chemical weapons, but recent letters likely less nefarious

Author Image Chad O'Carroll June 21, 2021

Russian Embassy in Pyongyang to send large number of staff home soon: Sources

Half to two-thirds of remaining staff will return to Moscow in summer due to strict COVID-19 rules in North Korea

Author Image Chad O'Carroll June 16, 2021