October 24, 2020


Chad O'Carroll

Chad O’Carroll has written on North Korea since 2010 and writes between London and Seoul.


Pyongyang’s rapidly shrinking expat community: Risks and implications

The loss of embassy and aid workers in the DPRK may lead to dark era of extreme isolation and limited information

Chad O'Carroll| James Fretwell August 25, 2020

Photos: Shops, restaurants and Sinuiju port – a view from Dandong in July

Despite sanctions and the COVID-19 global pandemic, North Korea's imprint on Dandong was easy to see in July 2020

Chad O'Carroll August 5, 2020

VIDEO: Despite COVID-19 fears, train delivers cargo across China-DPRK border

Train cargo includes goods covered in blue tarpaulins while the border bridge appears to be undergoing maintenance

Chad O'Carroll August 3, 2020

COVID-19 in Kaesong? What to make of North Korea’s suspicion of a viral presence

Report on suspected case marks a turning point in North Korea's approach to virus

Chad O'Carroll July 26, 2020

Why North Korea may have tabled its campaign to ramp up inter-Korean tensions

Absence of an inter-Korean CMC agenda item suggests that Pyongyang is giving anti-South Korea plans a deep freeze

Chad O'Carroll July 21, 2020

Six months since border closures, fears of COVID-19 mount in North Korea

Analysis suggests that the DPRK is likely trying to minimize the spread of existing outbreaks

Chad O'Carroll July 8, 2020

North Korean restaurant in Beijing remains open, despite UN sanctions

Pyongyang Unbangwan is one of at least two DPRK-linked eateries operating in the Chinese capital city

Chad O'Carroll June 26, 2020

Motivations for mass leafleting: What next for inter-Korean tensions?

Pyongyang seems intent at encouraging escalatory responses from Seoul

Chad O'Carroll June 23, 2020

Inter-Korean tensions: what next after the demolition of the liaison office?

Tuesday's move by Pyongyang represents a serious escalation of tensions

Chad O'Carroll June 16, 2020

ANALYSIS: What’s driving increasing North Korean vitriol towards the South?

Indicators suggest Pyongyang wants to elevate a sense of crisis with South Korea. But why?

Chad O'Carroll June 8, 2020
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