May 21, 2022


Chad O'Carroll

Chad O’Carroll has written on North Korea since 2010 and writes between London and Seoul.


New Russia sanctions further dim hopes for the future of North Korea travel

Sanctions and travel advisories on Russia could complicate tourism to DPRK as China route remains shut

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollMarch 9, 2022

How North Korea played into South Korea’s slow-motion condemnation of Russia

Fear of losing Moscow’s support for inter-Korean policies likely a factor in response to Ukraine crisis, observers say

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollMarch 1, 2022
Expert Surveys

Expert roundup: What does conflict in Ukraine mean for the Korean Peninsula?

Analysts say great power conflict could impact DPRK sanctions and give cover for missile tests, among other consequences

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollFebruary 24, 2022

Ukraine crisis could spark North Korean long-range missile testing, experts say

Analysts tell NK News that DPRK will closely monitor US ability to coordinate international response to weapons tests

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollFebruary 24, 2022

The steep hurdles to inter-Korean relations for South Korea’s next president

He or she will face gauntlet of sanctions, anti-COVID policies and US-China competition if they want to engage Pyongyang

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollFebruary 21, 2022

North Korea continues to export sanctioned coal, import Chinese humanitarian aid

UN draft report suggests several ships sent coal to China in exchange for aid cargos during second year of pandemic

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollFebruary 21, 2022

VIDEO: Why would anyone scour for North Korean trash on the beach?

A new mini-documentary from NK News explores what litter from the DPRK can reveal about changes inside the country

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollFebruary 11, 2022

North Korea tried to buy luxury cars ahead of food crisis last year: Report

New UN draft report documents effort to procure four top-of-the-line SUVs last year despite strict COVID border controls

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollFebruary 9, 2022

North Korea accelerates military parade training ahead of key holidays: Imagery

Scale of celebrations for Feb. 16 holiday unclear, but major parade featuring heavy weapons expected by April

Chad O'CarrollChad O'Carroll | Colin ZwirkoFebruary 9, 2022

North Korea relaxes some rules for diplomats in Pyongyang, but tightens others

Fear of Omicron variant spreading in China and South Korea appears to be spurring changes, source says

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollFebruary 2, 2022
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