July 27, 2021


Chad O'Carroll

Chad O'Carroll

Chad O’Carroll has written on North Korea since 2010 and writes between London and Seoul.


North Korea’s main newspaper now partially accessible from South Korea

South Korea’s unification ministry publishes database of DPRK newspaper content online, though most content is missing

Author Image Chad O'Carroll May 14, 2021

North Koreans attended virtual seminars with outside world: Choson Exchange

Virtual exchanges with the DPRK are entirely feasible, says Singapore-based organization

Author Image Chad O'Carroll May 13, 2021

White House completes North Korea policy review, emphasizes ‘practical’ approach

Biden administration confirms policy review process is complete, appears to reject Trump and Obama-era strategies

Author Image Chad O'Carroll April 30, 2021

North Korea orders citizens to stay inside over COVID-19 dust storm fears

DPRK authorities have made similar orders several times since going into national lockdown in early 2020

Author Image Chad O'Carroll| Colin Zwirko April 27, 2021

North Korean bank’s demands ‘stopped’ UN banking channel

Foreign Trade Bank wants sanctions lifted before it will play role in U.N. banking channel, says Russia’s Sputnik Bank

Author Image Chad O'Carroll April 27, 2021

New US bill calls for social media companies to ban North Korean accounts

A Republican bill aims to terminate social media accounts belonging to U.S.-declared “state sponsors of terror”

Author Image Chad O'Carroll April 26, 2021

Trump says Kim Jong Un ‘never respected’ Moon Jae-in, slams cost-sharing deal

"Kim Jong-un of North Korea ... never respected the current President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in"

Author Image Chad O'Carroll April 23, 2021

Foreign food and drinks reappear in Pyongyang after months of disrupted trade

Imported items like Coca-Cola and chocolate returned to shelves amid rumors of gradual border trade reopening

Author Image Chad O'Carroll April 20, 2021

North Korea doesn’t want its people to know about COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Despite heavy coverage of COVID-19’s tragic impact overseas, DPRK state media remains silent on global vaccine rollout

Author Image Chad O'Carroll| Colin Zwirko April 19, 2021

Kim Jong Un’s $2 million aid donation raises cash transfer questions

The North Korean leader has gifted aid funds and stipends to Chongryon in Japan every year since becoming leader

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