April 02, 2023


Chad O'Carroll

Chad O'Carroll is the founder of NK News/NK Pro and related holding company Korea Risk Group. In addition to being the group's CEO, O'Carroll is a frequent writer and commentator about the Koreas, having written about the two nations since 2010. He has visited the DPRK multiple times, worked and lived in Washington, D.C. with a focus on peninsula issues, and lived in the ROK since 2016.


Nicaraguan leader defends North Korea’s right to nuclear weapons

Daniel Ortega says US lacks ‘authority’ to tell DPRK or Iran that they cannot have the bomb

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollFebruary 3, 2023

Cable TV channel says it was dropped over alleged pro-North Korea views

Tongil TV claims decision has put it at risk of collapse, while experts call move a loss for discourse about DPRK

Chad O'CarrollChad O'Carroll | Yeji ChungFebruary 2, 2023

North Korean leaders’ unique gifts: From a signed basketball to stuffed turtle

A new propaganda book showcases never-before-seen items that offer a window into DPRK’s relations with outside world

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollJanuary 31, 2023

What’s left of the foreign community in Pyongyang, three years into pandemic

NK Pro has compiled a comprehensive update of diplomatic and business presence in North Korea as of Jan. 2023

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollJanuary 31, 2023

North Korea lifts lockdown in capital five days after ‘rising’ illness warning

State media remains silent on Pyongyang quarantine measures as preparations for military parade ramp up

Chad O'CarrollChad O'Carroll | Colin ZwirkoJanuary 30, 2023

Why North Korean state media remains silent about the Pyongyang lockdown

Regime may feel it can downplay restrictions for now, but a serious COVID outbreak could quickly change the calculus

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollJanuary 27, 2023

‘Rising’ illness in North Korea triggers 5-day lockdown in capital

Notice says residents must stay in homes, submit to temperature checks in first citywide lockdown in eight months

Chad O'CarrollChad O'Carroll | Colin ZwirkoJanuary 25, 2023

Panic-buying reported in Pyongyang amid rumors of new lockdown order

Source in capital also reports more temperature checks at stores, though officials have not announced new virus controls

Chad O'CarrollChad O'Carroll | Colin ZwirkoJanuary 24, 2023

Russian Embassy in North Korea denies report it will close due to COVID controls

In statement, mission admits difficult conditions for staff but says ‘impossible’ to close as bilateral ties flourish

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollJanuary 17, 2023

Possible drone spotted near DMZ, weeks after North Korean incursion

NK News observed aircraft from border observatory on Tuesday, raising questions about flights in sensitive military area

Chad O'CarrollChad O'CarrollJanuary 11, 2023