July 02, 2020


Chad O'Carroll

Chad O’Carroll has written on North Korea since 2010 and writes between London and Seoul.


What North Korea’s Plenum now means for U.S. foreign policy

While a window of opportunity to turn things around remains, there is a very low chance it will be seized upon

Chad O'Carroll January 1, 2020

Prestigious Pyongyang shoe factory appears to be making inventory for export

Photos show labels in English and featuring international sizing measures

Chad O'Carroll December 27, 2019

Photos of Air China refueling in Pyongyang raise questions about supply-lines

Despite sanctions and short route distance, Air China’s 737s regularly connect to Air Koryo fuel trucks

Chad O'Carroll| Jacob Fromer December 16, 2019

Biegun arrives in Seoul: Last chance saloon for DPRK-U.S. negotiations?

Scene appears set for a final U.S. proposal to reboot talks before North Korea's deadline

Chad O'Carroll December 15, 2019

Vietnamese oil tanker which visited N. Korea seized by Malaysian commando unit

Only one crew member found after 5000-tonne vessel seized, others reportedly returned to respective countries

Chad O'Carroll December 12, 2019

As overseas worker deadline looms, Air Koryo increases flights to Vladivostok

19 additional round-trip flights scheduled for December, data shows

Chad O'Carroll December 10, 2019

Just weeks after the Singapore summit, Kim Jong Un visited new monument to ICBMs

Opened in February last year, the facility has yet to be featured in official state media

Chad O'Carroll November 29, 2019

After the Hanoi summit, a hyper-securitization process underway in Pyongyang?

A range of incidents, trends, and policies have emerged which suggest DPRK authorities wish to sharply bolster control

Chad O'Carroll November 21, 2019

Looking ahead: prospects for North Korea-U.S. relations

Amid a flurry of statements by DPRK officials, NK Pro analysts examine whether diplomacy can get back on track


New photo reveals two-tier pricing system on DPRK’s Pyongyang-Hyangsan highway

Costs of up to 14.40 euros to traverse the full length of the highway, photo indicates

Chad O'Carroll November 11, 2019
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