March 01, 2021

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Hyowon Shin

Hyowon Shin (@hyowonshin) is an NK News staff reporter in Seoul and a Master’s student at Yonsei Graduated School of International Studies.

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Intent re-defector regrets coming to South Korea

Lacking funds for treatment, severe illness may kill him within three years

Hyowon Shin December 6, 2013

Would-be re-defector still trapped in South Korea

Treatment of North Korean refugees sacrificed for sake of conciliation with Pyongyang

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Behind the evolution of North Korea’s leadership loyalty badges

Every North Korean is required to wear one, but where did they come from and how did it all start?

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Meet the man who plans to re-defect back to North Korea

Son Jong-hun tells NK News why he wants to leave South Korea and go back to the North

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Exclusive: Defector plans to send message by returning to N. Korea

Son Jong-hun has spent 11 years in South Korea, but despairs over the treatment of North Koreans here

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North Korea beats South in football game of two halves

The real ideological divide during Sunday's Korean football derby was between South Korean fans

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The movers and shakers of Kim Jong Un’s new regime

'No leader, even in a democratic state, can completely rely on the history of his predecessor' - Lankov

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S. Koreans not ‘100% satisfied’ with Kaesong talks outcome

North not showing enough remorse for closing Kaesong Industrial Complex, analysts in South say

Hyowon Shin | Susan Ahn July 8, 2013

South Korea proposes talks on Kaesong Industrial Complex

Inter-Korean trade decreased by 88% following the closure of the KIC, and now sits at an all time low

Hyowon Shin July 4, 2013

South Korea prevents balloon launch of anti-North leaflets

Leader of defector group arrested after brief physical struggle in 'Peace Pavilion' on inter-Korean border

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