October 01, 2020

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Doyun Kim

Doyun is an NK News contributor based in Seoul. She studied Sociology and English at Wellesley College, where she initially developed her interest in DPRK issues.

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S. Korea opens discussion for N. Korean human rights bill

Broad divisions remain between ruling, opposition parties proposals, especially over leaflets

Doyun Kim November 25, 2014

North Korea denounces planned U.S-ROK arms sale

Rodong Sinmun says DPRK will bolster nuclear program in response

Doyun Kim November 17, 2014

Warning shots fired as N. Korean soldiers approach border

Provocation likely a reconnaissance mission - South Korean military

Doyun Kim November 10, 2014

Very cheap mobile phone rates seen in N. Korea – RFA

Rates as low as 15 cents may be designed to help businesses thrive

Doyun Kim November 5, 2014

N. Korean media denies hacking South Korean smartphones

Uriminzokkiri says S. Korean spy agency continues using North as scapegoat

Doyun Kim November 3, 2014

Author Kim felt close, yet distant to N. Korean students

Novelist-turned-nonfiction author strove to create real, human portrayal of PUST students

Doyun Kim October 29, 2014

High-level talks at risk of falling through as tensions rise

North Korea blames South Korea for creating a ‘hostile environment’

Doyun Kim October 22, 2014

N. Korea human rights activists push for legislation

Group has ‘indefinite’ plans to gather weekly until law passes

Doyun Kim October 14, 2014

South Korean politicians speak out against leaflets

Activist group may be doing more harm than good, legislators say

Doyun Kim October 13, 2014

North Koreans have ‘highly positive’ view of South Korea – Lankov

Views in the North have been evolving since the early ‘80s, and could harm government’s stability

Doyun Kim October 8, 2014
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