August 08, 2020

Ask A North Korean

Your chance to ask questions to North Koreans about life growing up in the DPRK

Pig livers and blindness: Growing up in North Korea's famine

Ask a North Korean: What was it like to grow up during North Korea's famine?

Mina Yoon February 3, 2014

The dilemma of leaving my family behind in North Korea

Ask a North Korean: What happened to the family you left behind in Pyongyang?

Ji-Min Kang January 23, 2014

Who do North Koreans think started the Korean War?

North Koreans find it so difficult to question the tale of U.S. / South Korean invasion, defector says

Mina Yoon January 8, 2014

Could North Korea win a war with South Korea or the U.S?

Morale in once-patriotic military corps has plummeted, leaving little chance for success

Mina Yoon December 18, 2013

Ask a North Korean: My thoughts on Jang Song Theak's execution

This incident tells us that Kim Jong Un’s administration faces its worst crisis ever

Ji-Min Kang December 13, 2013

How do you get a job in North Korea?

No choice, no way out, and now no guarantee of compensation

Mina Yoon November 29, 2013

Ask a North Korean: Is there sex education in the DPRK?

Repressed, uneducated public troubled by concepts the West takes for granted

Ji-Min Kang November 20, 2013

When a goat and pig decided to join the North Korean army

Ask a North Korean: Are there any jokes North Koreans like to tell?

Mina Yoon November 14, 2013

The world through a little gap between the curtains

Ask a North Korean: How the government prevents outside information from entering the country

Ji-Min Kang October 31, 2013

Rations? Only after the grains are "cooked, eaten and pooped"

Ask a North Korean: "These days, many North Koreans criticize their government in front of other people."

Mina Yoon October 23, 2013