January 20, 2021

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It’s not about nukes. The real news is North Korea’s dangerous economic reforms.

North Korea pursued economic reform for the last 10 years, but decisions at the Party Congress will undo that progress

Andrei Lankov January 15, 2021

‘Top-class idiots’: Why a demoted Kim Yo Jong still has the power to slam Seoul

One day, Kim Yo Jong is demoted. The next, she’s speaking for all of the DPRK as the state’s foreign policy mouthpiece.

Jeongmin Kim January 14, 2021

Time is running out: Moon Jae-in’s North Korea goals are looking more unlikely

Experts say that South Korea is paralyzed by its conflicting goals of boosting defense and wooing Pyongyang

Won-Gi Jung January 12, 2021

New CIA nominee favors back-channel talks with North Korea and Iran nuclear deal

President-elect Joe Biden nominated William “Bill” Burns to head the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency

David Volodzko January 11, 2021

Kim Yo Jong demoted: Why the North Korean leader’s sister is down, but not out

Kim family members have been demoted in the past, only to resurface a few years later

Fyodor Tertitskiy January 11, 2021

North Korea’s threatening message to the US is a covert nudge for negotiations

The DPRK said it will continue developing nuclear strike capabilities, but it still left the door open for diplomacy

Jeongmin Kim January 9, 2021

Expert roundup: What North Korea’s Eighth Party Congress says about the future

Analysts weigh in on North Korea’s relationship with Seoul and Washington, plus the DPRK’s economic outlook in 2021

Min Chao Choy January 9, 2021

How Biden’s foreign policy and defense picks could affect North Korea

Biden recently picked Wendy Sherman, Kathleen Hicks, Victoria Nuland and Colin Kahl to join his team

David Volodzko January 7, 2021

Only COVID-19 ended his search for his daughter: North Korea abductee dies at 78

Yun Jong-su was forced to live in North Korea for 33 years and he never stopped looking for his daughter after escaping

Jeongmin Kim January 6, 2021

Staff picks: The 2020 North Korea stories that you don’t want to miss

A curated list of North Korea stories that went beyond the usual headlines in 2020

NK News December 30, 2020
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