May 24, 2022

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Donald Trump’s North Korea Policy: Hamburgers with Kim Jong Un?

Mr. Trump’s vision of hamburgers with Kim Jong Un seems as much a pipe dream as Tea with Mussolini

A Donald Trump-dominated Republican National Convention in Cleveland is apparently preparing to dump the internationalist views that have made the Grand Old Party the national security party of choice since the era of Eisenhower. But such an approach could turn the party platform backward in the direction of the nativist, isolationist views of the pre-Pearl Harbor “America First” Committee led by Nazi-apologist, aviator Charles Lindbergh.

Unlike Ike, who made the pledge “I shall go to Korea” to help end a stalemated war a central theme of his 1952 presidential campaign, Donald Trump would apparently have Korea come to him. This would be in the form of North Korea’s Supreme Leader dropping by the White House to eat a hamburger and cut a deal.