March 04, 2021

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Dennis P. Halpin

Dennis P. Halpin, a former Foreign Service Officer and senior Congressional staff, is a consultant on Asian issues.

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With Trump gone, Kim Jong Un will realize that he bet on the wrong horse

The North Korean leader spent a lot of time wooing a U.S. president that’s about to be replaced by hardliner Joe Biden

Dennis P. Halpin January 20, 2021

Otto Warmbier’s death: a reminder of North Korea’s ongoing human rights abuses

Otto's passing three years ago poignantly reflects the oppression of the North Korean people today

Dennis P. Halpin June 22, 2020

A woman in a man’s world: could Kim Yo Jong really become North Korea’s leader?

If Kim Jong Un's sister one day comes to inherit power, she may need to channel her inner Gloriana-esque ruthlessness

Dennis P. Halpin April 27, 2020

How a hit South Korean film could offer some lessons for Pyongyang and Seoul

Bong Joon-ho’s acclaimed movie “Parasite” reminds this author of the state of inter-Korean relations

Dennis P. Halpin February 25, 2020

‘Fire and fury’ in the Middle East: how the Iran crisis could impact North Korea

The drone strike that killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani on January 3 has likely shaken up Pyongyang's leadership

Dennis P. Halpin January 17, 2020

How Trump could dump South Korea in a pre-election visit to Pyongyang

The President could build reelection momentum by going to North Korea just as Nixon did in 1972 with his trip to China

Dennis P. Halpin December 11, 2019

Why a break-in at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence reflects a strained alliance

The protest from "progressive" South Korean students comes amid controversial U.S.-ROK defense cost-sharing negotiations

Dennis P. Halpin November 19, 2019

What Trump’s withdrawal of troops from northern Syria could mean for Korea

The transactional President has once again sent a chilling message to U.S. allies

Dennis P. Halpin October 13, 2019

The September 14 drone attack on Saudi oil fields: North Korea’s potential role

Pyongyang's ties to Iran and Houthi rebels in Yemen are well-documented

Dennis P. Halpin September 29, 2019

The China factor: Why should “enemy” Xi help Trump’s pet North Korea project?

Disputes concerning trade, Hong Kong, and Taiwan give PRC little reason to cooperate on DPRK issues

Dennis P. Halpin August 26, 2019
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