May 16, 2021


Won-Gi Jung

Won-Gi Jung

Won-Gi Jung is a reporter based in Seoul. He previously worked for the CSIS Korea Chair and East Asia Institute. Follow him on Twitter: @jungwongida.


China reports fuel export data to North Korea for first time in 5 months

Beijing may want to signal its willingness to play ball with sanctions regime, says expert

Author Image Won-Gi Jung May 14, 2021

North Korea in regular contact about COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Gavi says

North Korea’s Ministry of Public Health consulting with international agencies, according to spokesperson

Author Image Won-Gi Jung May 13, 2021

UN approves North Korea sanctions exemption for COVID-19 testing kits

A Singapore-based humanitarian organization will have nine months to transfer the items

Author Image Won-Gi Jung May 13, 2021

Biden’s North Korea outreach may be supported by missile defense

The Pentagon has quietly continued investing in U.S. missile defense systems, experts say

Author Image Won-Gi Jung May 11, 2021

Moon promises ‘strict’ response to activities that hinder inter-Korean relations

The South Korean president continues to press for outreach to North Korea, calls for return to talks

Author Image Jeongmin Kim| Won-Gi Jung May 10, 2021
Cancellations and Postponements

North Korea stuck waiting for millions of COVID-19 vaccines

A ‘global supply shortage’ and severe COVID outbreak in India have delayed vaccine shipments to the DPRK

Author Image Won-Gi Jung May 6, 2021

In the first few years of life, 1 in 5 North Korean kids suffer stunted growth

Multiagency report suggests that the COVID-19 may be worsening malnutrition of young children

Author Image Won-Gi Jung May 5, 2021

North Korea casts doubt on COVID-19 vaccines and warns of long pandemic

State media warned of “catastrophic consequences” if the North Korean people stop following state safety measures

Author Image Won-Gi Jung May 4, 2021

No social distancing? North Korea holds massive parade despite COVID-19 pandemic

State media shows fireworks and drones soaring over Youth League congress parade

Author Image Won-Gi Jung May 3, 2021

Activist says he launched 500,000 fliers towards North Korea to defy new law

Defector Park Sang-hak’s latest purported launch challenges a contentious law that can jail or fine leafleting activists

Author Image Won-Gi Jung April 30, 2021
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