July 31, 2021


Won-Gi Jung

Won-Gi Jung

Won-Gi Jung is a reporter based in Seoul. He previously worked for the CSIS Korea Chair and East Asia Institute. Follow him on Twitter: @jungwongida.


South Korea fails in bid to co-host 2032 Summer Olympics with DPRK

Another setback for inter-Korean reconciliation as Olympics’ executive board clears way for Brisbane to host

Author Image Won-Gi Jung June 11, 2021

US outlines increased missile defenses as North Korean threats ramp up

Better defense systems could motivate enemies to build up 'more sophisticated offensive weapons,' experts say

Author Image Won-Gi Jung June 10, 2021

How a North Korean ship changed hands multiple times in just over a decade

Experts say the Mu Pho’s swapping of names, flags suggests sanctions evasion

Author Image Min Chao Choy| Won-Gi Jung June 9, 2021

North Korea reports zero positive cases after testing 28,905 people for COVID-19

721 people were tested for the virus between May 21 and 27, according to a World Health Organization report

Author Image Won-Gi Jung June 7, 2021

Expanded NATO role in Indo-Pacific could drive China, DPRK together: experts

U.S. may not rely on China to address North Korea issues

Author Image Won-Gi Jung June 4, 2021

Why a South Korean publisher could face years in prison for printing a memoir

Critics say the ban on North Korean materials is outdated and a violation of free speech

Author Image Won-Gi Jung June 2, 2021

North Korea still claiming it’s COVID-free in latest WHO report

Over 28,000 have reportedly been tested inside the DPRK, but the country says all tests came back negative

Author Image Won-Gi Jung May 31, 2021

Junk vessel acquired by North Korea reappears at a rarely visited port

Ship may be part of elaborate sanctions busting scheme linked to Chinese companies

Author Image Min Chao Choy| Won-Gi Jung May 28, 2021
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Real estate values drop at inter-Korean border as hopes for peace diminish

Investors rushed to snap up property when North and South Korea were on good terms. But then the bubble burst.

Author Image Won-Gi Jung May 28, 2021

North Korea-linked tankers see increased activity in May

Uptick may be part of efforts to evade U.N. sanction restrictions on refined petroleum

Author Image Min Chao Choy| Won-Gi Jung May 26, 2021
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