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July 19, 2024


Min Chao Choy

Min Chao Choy

Min Chao Choy is a data journalist for NK News and NK Pro. Choy specializes in news and analysis relating to DPRK shipping and aviation movements, sanctions, and cyber-security.


How North Korea received millions in Namibia constructing a ‘white elephant’

Newly revealed documents reveal waste and fraud of DPRK firm subcontracted to build country’s state house in 2000s

John GroblerJohn Grobler | Min Chao ChoyJuly 6, 2021

North Korea may have continued Namibian Air Force job in violation of sanctions

NK Pro analysis of newly revealed documents suggests North Korean involvement in several projects inside Namibia

John GroblerJohn Grobler | Min Chao ChoyJune 18, 2021

How a North Korean ship changed hands multiple times in just over a decade

Experts say the Mu Pho’s swapping of names, flags suggests sanctions evasion

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao Choy | Won-Gi JungJune 9, 2021

In North Korea, the accordion plays the soundtrack of the state

The instrument serves as a tool to coordinate work and maximize indoctrination, rather than entertain

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyJune 9, 2021

Junk vessel acquired by North Korea reappears at a rarely visited port

Ship may be part of elaborate sanctions busting scheme linked to Chinese companies

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao Choy | Won-Gi JungMay 28, 2021

North Korea-linked tankers see increased activity in May

Uptick may be part of efforts to evade U.N. sanction restrictions on refined petroleum

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao Choy | Won-Gi JungMay 26, 2021

North Korean ship named in sanctions report sinks near Japan’s west coast

The vessel appears to have been carrying iron banned for sale by UN sanctions

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao Choy | Won-Gi JungMay 24, 2021

Wife by his side, Kim Jong Un urges women to be ‘eternal cooks’ for revolution

North Korean first lady makes rare appearance for event that celebrates “true daughters of the party”

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyMay 6, 2021

Poachers, guns and statues: North Korea’s ‘hub’ of crime in South Africa

The DPRK’s Pretoria Embassy has been a key source of illicit funds for Pyongyang, say experts

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyMay 5, 2021

China’s UN ambassador calls for ‘timely adjustment’ of sanctions on North Korea

Zhang Jun said he hopes the US’ new policy review will emphasize diplomacy, not more pressure

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyMay 4, 2021
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