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Min Chao Choy

Min Chao Choy

Min Chao Choy is a data journalist for NK News and NK Pro. Choy specializes in news and analysis relating to DPRK shipping and aviation movements, sanctions, and cyber-security.


Microsoft won a lawsuit against North Korean hackers, but the payoff is unclear

The tech giant was not awarded damages from the two unidentified hackers working for the DPRK-linked Thallium Group

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyApril 13, 2021

North Korea traded just $124 worth of goods with Russia in February: New data

North Korea did not import any Russian goods, according to official trade data from Moscow

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyApril 12, 2021

North Koreans are stranded in Nigeria or illegally working in local clinics

A 2019 U.N. ban ordered all North Korean workers home, but COVID-19 disruptions leave some still waiting for deportation

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyApril 12, 2021

North Korean cybercriminals attacked South African logistics firm

Lazarus Group likely used access to infected computers for espionage, security researchers say

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyApril 9, 2021

North Korean hackers suspected of creating accounts posing as NK News reporters

Security firm links suspicious profile to DPRK, investigation reveals more accounts likely set up for phishing attacks

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyApril 7, 2021

North Korean missile experts suspected of supporting Iran’s weapons programs: UN

Panel identifies 13 DPRK technicians accused of visiting Iran, describes transfer of critical missile parts

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyApril 6, 2021

Why an oil pipeline between North Korea and China rouses nuclear concerns

The U.N. set limits for how much crude oil China can send to the DPRK, but few know how much is really flowing through

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyApril 5, 2021

Aid groups fret over struggling North Korea programs and COVID-19 red tape

Long waits, border lockdowns, supply shortages and more — new U.N. report details NGOs complaints in North Korea

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyApril 2, 2021

After serious drops in trade, North Korean ship activity surges near China

At least five DPRK-flagged ships not seen since 2017 reappeared near the Shandong Peninsula

Min Chao ChoyMin Chao ChoyApril 1, 2021
Border Controls

Contractors have six months to assess New Yalu River Bridge: PRC border gov.

Sources mixed on whether development means PRC-DPRK trade can resume any time soon

Chad O'CarrollChad O'Carroll | Min Chao ChoyMarch 31, 2021
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