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June 14, 2024


Joon Ha Park

Joon Ha Park

Joon Ha Park is an Editorial Intern at NK News and has previously written on issues related to the two Koreas at The Peninsula Report.


ROK opposition leader charged with orchestrating remittances to North Korea

Lee Jae-myung is accused of conspiring with officials to send $8M to the DPRK during his tenure as Gyeonggi governor

Joon Ha ParkJoon Ha Park | Lina ParkJune 12, 2024

Seoul kicks off training against North Korean cyberattacks as tensions rise

Two-week drills aim to improve ability to recover from attacks on critical infrastructure after DPRK balloon launches

Joon Ha ParkJoon Ha Park | Shreyas ReddyJune 10, 2024

North Korea clears land at six locations inside DMZ, satellite imagery shows

Experts say land clearing is likely aimed at bolstering defense with one section crossing military demarcation line

Ifang BremerIfang Bremer | Joon Ha ParkJune 7, 2024

Architect of 2018 military agreement with North Korea reflects on deal’s demise

In an interview with NK News, Choi Jong-kun talks recent inter-Korean tension and DPRK engagement going forward

Jeongmin KimJeongmin Kim | Joon Ha ParkJune 7, 2024

US B-1B drops bombs in joint drills with South Korea for first time in 7 years

Show of force toward North Korea with precision bombs comes amid heightened border tensions after DPRK balloon launches

Jeongmin KimJeongmin Kim | Joon Ha ParkJune 5, 2024

Seoul deploys border loudspeakers after scrapping military deal with North Korea

South Korea says it will resume all border military operations suspended under Comprehensive Military Agreement

Joon Ha ParkJoon Ha Park | Shreyas ReddyJune 4, 2024

North Korea threatens ‘unforeseen disaster’ over alleged US spy plane flights

Accusations of espionage follow DPRK satellite launch and warnings against US and ROK ‘intrusions’ into territory

Joon Ha ParkJoon Ha Park | Shreyas ReddyMay 31, 2024

China silent on North Korea’s satellite launch plans at Seoul trilateral summit

South Korean and Japanese leaders call for denuclearizing DPRK, as Chinese premier stresses need for ‘restraint’

Jeongmin KimJeongmin Kim | Joon Ha ParkMay 27, 2024

How North Korean cybercrime has laid bare vulnerabilities in ROK defenses

Experts say there’s no foolproof solution to evolving threats but underscore dangers of a complacent South Korean public

Joon Ha ParkJoon Ha Park | Shreyas ReddyMay 22, 2024

Everything Moon Jae-in says about North Korea in his mammoth new memoir

NK Pro translates key parts of former president’s book, from Kim Jong Un’s wish to visit border island to anger at US

Joon Ha ParkJoon Ha ParkMay 22, 2024
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