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John Petrushka

John Petrushka

John Petrushka is a contributor based in Washington, D.C., and the creator of the NK Pro View from Jingshan column. He studied Asia and International Affairs at Georgetown University and George Washington University. His other research topics include transitional justice in North Korea.


China and North Korea are cozying up, but their connection looks conniving

North Korea and China will continue to sweep disagreements under the rug for the sake of their short-term priorities

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaJanuary 26, 2021

Biden’s win is a bad omen for China — and that will strain the two Koreas

Biden’s relationship with North Korea is onto a troubled start, and China is likely to back whatever the DPRK does

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaNovember 26, 2020

How Chinese netizens and state media reacted to North Korea’s giant new ICBM

Some Chinese netizens cheered North Korea on after the military parade, playing into age-old tensions with the US

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaOctober 21, 2020

Why China censored Kim Jong Un coma rumors and staged a lag on false information

Beijing's censorship might be a good faith effort in stopping rumors — or it might be an attempt to cover something up

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaSeptember 3, 2020

North Korea’s first suspected COVID-19 case sparks joy and censorship in China

Some Chinese netizens are mocking the DPRK on Weibo, while others are suspiciously contributing pro-North narratives

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaJuly 31, 2020

The View from Jingshan: China reacts to growing inter-Korean tensions

While Pyongyang, not Seoul, is Beijing's ally, netizens are unsure as to how China should react to recent developments

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaJune 19, 2020

View from Jingshan: Kim Jong Un’s rumored health issues spark interest in China

Despite some likely censorship, there was still speculation on Kim's health on the other side of the Great Firewall

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaMay 7, 2020

View from Jingshan: curiosity about coronavirus in North Korea permeates China

Chinese netizens have bashed Pyongyang's denial of any cases of COVID-19 and its decision to close the Sino-DPRK border

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaMarch 17, 2020

The View from Jingshan: In Chinese media, DPRK-U.S. relations get the spotlight

Prospects for Washington-Pyongyang talks followed, while initial silence on the replacement of DPRK foreign minister

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaJanuary 24, 2020

The view from Jingshan: China reacts to North Korea’s renewed testing

Test launches embarrass trade war enemy Trump, but DPRK volatility also concerns the residents of Chinese border regions

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaDecember 11, 2019