January 28, 2020


John Petrushka

John Petrushka is a contributor based in Washington, D.C., and the creator of the NK Pro View from Jingshan column. He studied Asia and International Affairs at Georgetown University and George Washington University. His other research topics include transitional justice in North Korea.


The View from Jingshan: In Chinese media, DPRK-U.S. relations get the spotlight

Prospects for Washington-Pyongyang talks followed, while initial silence on the replacement of DPRK foreign minister

John Petrushka January 24, 2020

The view from Jingshan: China reacts to North Korea’s renewed testing

Test launches embarrass trade war enemy Trump, but DPRK volatility also concerns the residents of Chinese border regions

John Petrushka December 11, 2019

The View from Jingshan: anniversary of Sino-DPRK ties passes without a summit

Broader shifts in U.S.-China-North Korea relations influenced Beijing's cautiousness in hosting the DPRK leader again

John Petrushka November 5, 2019

What future investors in the DPRK can learn from China’s reform and opening

Potential opportunities exist, but historical precedent shows risks of expropriation and corruption

John Petrushka August 23, 2019

Crossing the river by feeling the stones: what Pyongyang can learn from Beijing

Current DPRK conditions comparable to pre-reform China, but sanctions likely to limit similar opening

John Petrushka August 12, 2019

“Lips and teeth” on the Taedong: Chinese media coverage of the fifth Xi-Kim summit

State-run outlets sought to balance Beijing's domestic interests with its international goals

John Petrushka June 26, 2019

A shrimp between whales: will North Korea benefit from the U.S.-China trade war?

While the DPRK stands to benefit for now, Sino-U.S. tensions could hamper diplomacy in the long-term

John Petrushka May 24, 2019

Across the Yalu River: the past, and future, of China-North Korea relations

2018 was a year of change - and evolution - in Sino-DPRK relations

John Petrushka December 28, 2018

The View from Jingshan: a new North Korea strategy for Beijing?

State media highlights warming ties as speculation over a Xi visit to Pyongyang grows

John Petrushka October 26, 2018

The View from Jingshan: Beijing’s silence reflects confidence in North Korea

China's goal of a "normal state relationship" with the DPRK seems closer than ever

John Petrushka August 10, 2018
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