April 15, 2024


John Petrushka

John Petrushka

John Petrushka is a contributor based in Washington, D.C., and the creator of the NK Pro View from Jingshan column. He studied Asia and International Affairs at Georgetown University and George Washington University. His other research topics include transitional justice in North Korea.


How North Korean aggression and the Taiwan election complicate China-DPRK ties

Beijing wants to work with Pyongyang to destabilize US alliances, but doesn’t want an increase in peninsula tensions

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaFebruary 20, 2024

China falling? Why a wary North Korea is monitoring Beijing’s economic woes

China’s slowing exports, depreciation of yuan and political turmoil at top could drive DPRK to reevaluate foreign ties

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaSeptember 8, 2023

Why US-North Korea talks are more likely now than at any time during pandemic

China wants to reverse US security expansion in region, and the best way to do that is pushing DPRK back to dialogue

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaJuly 10, 2023

This time, China likely won’t care (much) about a North Korean nuclear test

Beijing has pressured Pyongyang in past, but changed situation suggest seventh test may even serve China’s interests

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaJuly 19, 2022

How Yoon Suk-yeol could pursue cooperation with China on North Korea

Next South Korean president’s embrace of US risks angering China, but Seoul still has interests that align with Beijing

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaApril 19, 2022

In muted Yongbyon response, China signals unwillingness to confront North Korea

Beijing has declined to criticize the DPRK’s continued nuclear activity, instead blaming the US for Pyongyang’s actions

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaDecember 13, 2021

How Switzerland could help China re-engage North Korea and the world

China promotes itself as a blueprint for North Korea, but the Swiss model may be more attractive for Kim Jong Un

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaOctober 21, 2021

China-North Korea trade resumes, but it appears less sustainable than ever

A rapid rise in exports raises questions about how North Korea is financing trade with China

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaJune 1, 2021

How Chinese netizens reacted to North Korea’s contentious ballistic missile test

The missile launch sparked commentary on North Korea not seen on Chinese social media for some time

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaApril 6, 2021

North Korea’s new China ambassador may boost economic cooperation to new heights

Diplomat Ri Ryong Nam was appointed around the same time as a series of reports on increased China-DPRK cooperation

John PetrushkaJohn PetrushkaMarch 18, 2021
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