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June 13, 2024


Anthony V. Rinna

Anthony V. Rinna

Anthony V. Rinna is a Senior Editor with the Sino-NK research group. He's lived in South Korea since 2014.


At cosmodrome, Kim Jong Un and Putin set stage for greater confrontation with US

Distrust remains an obstacle, but summit showed Russia will ignore sanctions to build ties around anti-Americanism

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaSeptember 14, 2023

Why Russia is willing to live with a nuclear North Korea

Moscow has pivoted from supporting nonproliferation to undermining US efforts to curtail DPRK weapon programs

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaAugust 25, 2023

Annexing Ukraine’s land makes clear Russia won’t cooperate on North Korea

Moscow’s actions undermine institutions seeking to curb the DPRK’s nuclear program and suggest it will flout sanctions

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaSeptember 30, 2022

North Korean support for Ukraine invasion gives Russia leverage on peninsula

Moscow has moved to solidify ties with Pyongyang since war began, but it still may be leaving the door open for Seoul

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaSeptember 7, 2022

Russia can no longer have its cake and eat it too on the Korean Peninsula

After Ukraine, North Korea will cleave strongly to Moscow as new ROK President Yoon embraces US-led liberal order

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaMay 11, 2022

How North Korea acts as a lighting rod for growing Russia-US tensions

Washington and Moscow both say they want a nuclear-free DPRK but disagree on how to achieve it

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaFebruary 3, 2022

Hanging by an iron thread: North Korea-Russia ties endure despite pandemic

Bilateral ties are strongest in diplomacy and trade, with the DPRK counting on Russian support in its dealings with US

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaFebruary 1, 2022

US-China rivalry risks derailing efforts to declare an end to the Korean War

Beijing may seek to use end-of-war issue to undermine US influence, fueling Washington’s skepticism about an agreement

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaDecember 31, 2021

Congressional support for North Korea sanctions undercuts Seoul’s peace drive

A recent bill calls for a formal peace treaty with Pyongyang, but US lawmakers still unwilling to ease pressure campaign

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaOctober 25, 2021

With foreign minister’s visit, China seeks to coax Seoul away from US

Beijing may dangle its leverage with North Korea as it aims to influence ROK policy ahead of presidential election

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaSeptember 22, 2021
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