September 26, 2023


Anthony V. Rinna

Anthony V. Rinna

Anthony V. Rinna is a Senior Editor with the Sino-NK research group. He's lived in South Korea since 2014.


No breakthroughs on DPRK from Russian envoy’s Seoul visit, but ROK, US benefit

South Korea and US could feel out Moscow’s position, while trip discouraged North Korean provocations

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaAugust 26, 2021

Is North Korea part of the great power struggle between US and China?

Recent displays of China-North Korea friendship will likely solidify U.S. view that Beijing can sway Pyongyang

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaJune 25, 2021

China’s contradictory goals on the Korean Peninsula

Beijing’s continued sponsorship of North Korea makes it hard to pull South Korea into its orbit

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaJune 10, 2021

Russia and China are not a monolith when it comes to North Korea

Joe Biden may find his goals for the Korean Peninsula are better received in Moscow than in Beijing

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaMay 26, 2021

How Russia and the US could work together on North Korea denuclearization

Moscow and Washington would need to improve their relationship and tightly coordinate on DPRK sanctions

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaApril 26, 2021

New Foreign Affairs Committee leader will bring back conventional Korea policy

U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks will seek consensus on North Korea and seems to be on the same page with the President-elect

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaDecember 10, 2020

Korean security issues are getting increasingly caught up in US-China tensions

Pompeo’s canceled Seoul trip shows that Beijing is the priority, and that South Korea is falling into a deepening bind

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaOctober 7, 2020

30 years later, Russia and South Korea’s relationship is going steady

Seoul and Moscow’s diplomatic ties also benefit Pyongyang, despite old Cold War tensions

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaSeptember 29, 2020

To break the deadlock with North Korea, the U.S. must engage Russia and China

While neither Beijing nor Moscow want a nuclear North Korea, they are wary of instability in the DPRK from U.S. pressure

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaMay 5, 2020

One year on, what impact did the Kim-Putin summit really have?

While it may have had the trappings of little more than a sideshow, last year's meeting had wide-ranging consequences

Anthony V. RinnaAnthony V. RinnaApril 24, 2020
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