April 05, 2020

Category: Analysis

Latest NK Pro analysis related to the DPRK

The return of the KN-24: unpacking North Korea’s March 21 missile test

Pyongyang's missile ambitions show no signs of abating

Ankit Panda March 22, 2020

Jo Yong Won, the mainstay of the Organization and Guidance Department: a profile

The recent dismissal of Ri Man Gon raises interest in his key deputy Jo Yong Won

Rachel Minyoung Lee March 20, 2020

North Korea’s economy and the coronavirus: current fallout and future unknowns

The DPRK has experienced a supply shock in its food and fuel markets, with greater impact likely further down the line

Peter Ward March 18, 2020

View from Jingshan: curiosity about coronavirus in North Korea permeates China

Chinese netizens have bashed Pyongyang's denial of any cases of COVID-19 and its decision to close the Sino-DPRK border

John Petrushka March 17, 2020

Similar background, different paths: comparing Kim Yo Jong and Kim Kyong Hui

Both sisters to North Korean leaders, Kim Yo Jong and her aunt Kim Kyong Hui have taken different paths

Rachel Minyoung Lee March 16, 2020

The coronavirus slowdown at North Korean ports, as seen from above

Satellite imagery reveals relatively empty scenes at Nampho and Sinuiju ports in conjunction with quarantine measures

Colin Zwirko March 13, 2020

North Korea’s second missile test this year: what we learned

The KN-25 now appears set to become a mainstay of the KPA’s short-range missile forces

Ankit Panda March 11, 2020

North Korean media’s latest weapon test coverage suggests further escalation

Events over the past week suggest the DPRK may be on an escalatory path

Rachel Minyoung Lee March 10, 2020

A new e-commerce platform in Hunchun: another awkward attempt at Sino-DPRK trade

Sanctions aside, Jilin province suffers from its lack of connection to Pyongyang when compared with neighboring Liaoning

Théo Clément March 10, 2020

North Korea’s Tree-planting Day highlights nationwide nursery projects

Satellite imagery reveals scope of long-stalled provincial tree nurseries seeing renewed push since 2018

Colin Zwirko March 5, 2020
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