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    Long-awaited progress? What to make of U.S.-North Korea meetings in Washington
    01:48 19 January, 2019   Ankit Panda

    72 days after they were scheduled to meet on November 7, 2018, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and North Korean official Kim Yong Chol finally met in Washington, D.C., to resume the stalled diplomatic process between their two countries that began early last ...

    Will Democrats in the House change U.S. direction on North Korea?

    For the first time since President Donald Trump was sworn into office, a Democra...

    21:03 17 January, 2019  Jonathan R. Corrado
    The View from Jingshan: in Beijing, cautious optimism on North Korea

    2018 saw rapid changes in the Korean peninsula, and recent Chinese media tends t...

    15:31 15 January, 2019  Kelsey Hamilton
    U.S. Forces Korea: a potential bargaining chip in talks with North Korea?

    President Trump’s surprise decision last December to withdraw U.S. troops from...

    21:23 14 January, 2019  Henri Feron
    The North Korean economy in the New Year's speech: signs of a shifting focus

    This year, Kim Jong Un’s New Year’s Address was dominated by the economy, bu...

    18:36 14 January, 2019  Peter Ward
    Heatmaps for 2018 show North Korean vessels' disappearing footprint at sea

    A heatmap generated using location information from North Korea's fleet of ships...

    22:39 13 January, 2019  Leo Byrne
    "Unite for the end-of-the-year battle!": North Korean street propaganda in late 2018

    Street propaganda in North Korea plays a central role in how the ruling party co...

    05:00 11 January, 2019  Chloe Joo
    The fourth Sino-DPRK summit: what we learned

    The leaders of China and North Korea wrapped up their fourth summit on Wednesday...

    05:17 10 January, 2019  Oliver Hotham
    What to expect from Kim Jong Un's fourth visit to China

    The North Korean leader has kicked off 2019 with a bang, using what is tradition...

    09:10 08 January, 2019  Oliver Hotham

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