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    Latest NK Pro analysis related to the DPRK

    The 14th Pyongyang Autumn Trade Fair: Chinese firms loom large
    02:23 15 November, 2018   Hamish Macdonald

    This is part two of a two-part series on the 14th Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Exhibition. Part one concentrated on domestic firms appearing, while part two covers foreign, cooperative and joint venture companies.The 14th Pyongyang Autumn Internationa...

    North Korea's fluctuating exchange rates: space for arbitrage opportunities?

    An NK Pro analysis of North Korean exchange rate data points to a range of arbit...

    05:49 14 November, 2018  Peter Ward
    What to make of a new report on N. Korea's undeclared missile operating bases

    On Monday, a group of well-respected North Korea-watchers led by Joseph S. Bermu...

    06:06 13 November, 2018  Ankit Panda
    The North Korean economy in October 2018: An overview

    This analysis provides an overview of the most significant developments in the N...

    22:06 11 November, 2018  Peter Ward
    Traffic, construction continues at controversial North Korean oil facility

    Satellite imagery from Google Earth and Planet Labs in October reveal ongoing co...

    21:47 09 November, 2018  Hamish Macdonald and Leo Byrne
    The 14th Pyongyang Autumn Trade Fair: breaking down the domestic attendance

    This is part one of a two-part series on September's 14th Pyongyang Autumn Inter...

    03:23 09 November, 2018  Hamish Macdonald
    North Korean ship inspections halved in 2018, data shows

    The number of inspections of North Korean ships tumbled in the first 11 months o...

    01:18 09 November, 2018  Leo Byrne
    A North Korea-Cuba summit: why it matters

    The Cuban and North Korean states are close allies on paper, though as of this w...

    09:05 07 November, 2018  Peter Ward
    How North Korea's Foreign Trade Bank sets official exchange rates

    North Korea’s official exchange rate closely tracks international markets. Ex...

    02:47 06 November, 2018  Peter Ward

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