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    Latest NK Pro analysis related to the DPRK

    China’s suspension of DPRK coal imports: Why it happened, what it means
    02:00 20 February, 2017   Tristan Webb

    China banned coal imports from the DPRK last year but continued trading under the livelihood exceptions allowed for by the Security Council. Now China has announced it will voluntarily suspend even these exceptions, and if it follows through will wipe out almost ...

    Rumblings at the top: Kim Won Hong's fall from grace

    On February 3, the South Korean government announced that the head of North Kore...

    16:52 16 February, 2017  Christopher Green
    N. Korea linked ships change flags again, but Fiji police launch investigation

    The number of vessels linked to North Korea using Tanzanian flags has dropped dr...

    23:19 15 February, 2017  Leo Byrne
    How Chinese traders could work around coal sanctions

    The sanctions placed on North Korea by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC...

    23:11 14 February, 2017  David Von Hippel and Peter Hayes
    North Korea's Pukguksong-2 launch: What did we learn?

    The launch of the new ballistic missile by North Korea is a huge step forward fo...

    23:12 13 February, 2017  Tal Inbar
    Kim Jong Un’s January activity: more economy-focused than ever before

    Kim Jong Un spent the first month of the year making more visits to economic sit...

    14:20 10 February, 2017  Tristan Webb
    North Korea maintaining assets at Kaesong Industrial Complex, satellite imagery shows

    Satellite imagery acquired by NK PRO shows that the Kaesong Industrial Complex (...

    11:51 09 February, 2017  Scott LaFoy and JH Ahn
    Where the Trump administration stands on North Korea

    Although President Trump’s administration is yet to fill a single Asia-focused...

    15:39 08 February, 2017  Chad O'Carroll
    Great power rivalry: U.S.-China cooperation on North Korea in 2017

    On January 3, then President-elect Donald Trump's tweet accusing China of “not...

    14:06 07 February, 2017  John Petrushka

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