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    Latest NK Pro analysis related to the DPRK

    Satellite imagery, vessel tracking shows DPRK vessel moving between bulk ports
    02:36 17 May, 2019   Leo Byrne

    Satellite imagery from Planet Labs and vessel location tracking analyzed by NK Pro show a DPRK ship recently moving between North Korean and Chinese bulk handling ports, facilities capable of processing sanctioned materials like iron and coal.While North Kore...

    How serious is the food situation in North Korea? The view from the official data

    Several weeks ago, the UN’s World Food Program (WFP) released a concerning rep...

    06:56 15 May, 2019  Peter Ward
    North Korea's response to the Wise Honest seizure: a wait-and-see attitude?

    North Korea on Tuesday issued a “spokesperson’s press statement” from its ...

    10:08 14 May, 2019  Rachel Minyoung Lee
    North Korea's May 9 test: Kim Jong Un raises the stakes but keeps his options open

    North Korea on May 10 predictably reported on its weapons launches from the prev...

    05:12 10 May, 2019  Rachel Minyoung Lee
    What to make of North Korea's second missile launch this week

    North Korea’s new, unnamed short-range ballistic missile is back. On Thursday,...

    04:47 10 May, 2019  Ankit Panda
    Kim Jong Un’s April appearances: stepping-up economic, military activities

    Kim Jong Un made 24 public appearances in total in April -- a jump from his 13 p...

    10:13 09 May, 2019  Rachel Minyoung Lee
    The Wonsan-Kumgang zone foreign investment proposals: the view from China

    This is part two of a series by Peter Ward examining North Korea’s foreign inv...

    10:56 07 May, 2019  Peter Ward
    The "Songun Iskander": unpacking North Korea's new missile

    We now know which so-called "projectiles" North Korea launched on Saturday, May ...

    06:33 06 May, 2019  Ankit Panda
    How North Korean state media covered Saturday's weapons test

    For the first time since its test launches of the “intercontinental rocket ‘...

    05:30 06 May, 2019  Rachel Minyoung Lee

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