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    Following reported bans, Southeast Asian trade with North Korea continued last year
    05:40 21 March, 2018   Leo Byrne

    The Philippines' suspension of trade with North Korea in the wake of its sixth nuclear test in September appears to have expired two months later, with exports to the DPRK resuming at their previous levels in December.In the months following the test, media r...

    Lifting sanctions on North Korea: four scenarios for President Trump

    President Trump says a denuclearization deal with the DPRK “is very much in th...

    04:02 16 March, 2018  Tristan Webb
    How a surprise Kim-Trump summit prompted a White House scramble

    The decision last week to accept Kim Jong Un's invitation to meet was perhaps th...

    04:59 15 March, 2018  Jonathan R. Corrado
    Take to the skies: where North Korea's space program goes from here

    An article in NK News by Russian missile researcher Khrustalev Vladimir a few ...

    02:20 15 March, 2018  Uzi Rubin
    On Liberty: the sanctioned company working with South Korea and Japan

    A company recently sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Treasury for its involve...

    00:05 12 March, 2018  James Byrne and Leo Byrne
    The Kim-Trump sit-down: what to expect from a historic summit

    On Friday morning it was announced that Kim Jong Un has invited Donald Trump to ...

    11:33 09 March, 2018  Chad O'Carroll and Fyodor Tertitskiy
    The View from Jingshan: China reacts to Kim-Trump meeting, new U.S. sanctions

    As the Pyeongchang Olympics drew to a close and tensions on the Korean peninsula...

    01:49 09 March, 2018  John Petrushka
    Kim Jong Un's February public appearances: a military parade and inter-Korean diplomacy

    Kim Jong Un’s public appearances in February saw a jump compared to January ...

    08:53 08 March, 2018  Fyodor Tertitskiy and Oliver Hotham
    April summit: What both Koreas can give, and what they want

    On March 6, a South Korean delegation returning to the North announced that a su...

    09:38 07 March, 2018  Chad O'Carroll and Fyodor Tertitskiy

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