April 05, 2020

Category: Analysis

Latest NK Pro analysis related to the DPRK

Timeline: from coronavirus to the first missile test of the year

NK Pro timeline charts the key events from February 1 - March 2

NK Pro March 4, 2020

North Korean media coverage of Monday’s military drill maintains domestic angle

State media’s restrained handling suggests Pyongyang will continue to focus on internal affairs for the time being

Rachel Minyoung Lee March 3, 2020

A return to form: North Korea kicks off its 2020 testing campaign

Monday's "long-range artillery" drill by the DPRK could mark the beginning of a sustained period of military activity

Ankit Panda March 3, 2020

North Korea in February 2020: a month in review and what’s ahead

An analysis of the main developments between February 1 and February 29

NK Pro March 3, 2020

Kim Jong Un’s guidance of party meeting and military drill: key takeaways

The North Korean leader's guidance of a CC meeting and a drill shows domestic discipline remains the top priority

Rachel Minyoung Lee February 29, 2020

North Korea’s coronavirus crackdown: the economic impact so far

Some measures have been necessary precautions against an outbreak, but others are unnecessarily harming the market

Jonathan R. Corrado February 25, 2020

Pyongyang offices for rent with global communication, stable power “guaranteed”

How the Japan-linked Rim Mi Yong company is targeting international businesses in the North Korean capital

Colin Zwirko February 21, 2020

Why the DPRK’s subpar healthcare system may be its biggest threat to the region

North Korean unpreparedness to deal with a pandemic could undermine regime rule and create internal instability

Kevin Shepard February 20, 2020

Expanding Japan-linked mall, online shop in Pyongyang targets “modern tastes”

A closer look at the Rim Mi Yong Aeguk Joint Venture Company and their flagship store in North Korea's capital

Colin Zwirko February 18, 2020

Why mum? Explaining North Korea’s continued silence on foreign policy

Pyongyang’s unusual lack of response to foreign affairs could portend bigger policy changes

Rachel Minyoung Lee February 14, 2020
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