September 21, 2020

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Kim Yoo-sung

Kim Yoo-sung is an Ask a North Korean contributor who left Gil-joo County of Hamkyungbuk-do, DPRK in 2005

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Ask a North Korean: What do you think about President Trump and the U.S.?

"South Koreans are trapped in the misconception that America will save them from any danger"

Kim Yoo-sung May 31, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Do North Koreans love cherry blossom, too?

"North Koreans grow up brainwashed to hate cherry blossom trees"

Kim Yoo-sung May 19, 2017

Ask a North Korean: Do you use Korean age in North Korea too?

'If I give my Korean age during the official interview with public servants, I will be scolded'

Kim Yoo-sung April 13, 2017

Ask a North Korean: What did North Koreans know about Kim Jong Nam?

"Only after arriving in South Korea did I learn about the genealogy of the Kim family"

Kim Yoo-sung February 23, 2017

Ask a North Korean: How capitalist is North Korea today?

"North Korea has become a capitalist state in a manner that cannot easily be defined with words"

Kim Yoo-sung December 29, 2016

Ask a North Korean: How many North Koreans read Chinese characters?

"I had always wanted to learn Chinese. I memorized 3000 characters by myself in my spare time"

Kim Yoo-sung December 23, 2016

Ask a North Korean: What do N. Koreans eat that Southerners don't?

"When you fall ill in North Korea, the first thing that comes to your mind is a dish of rabbit"

Kim Yoo-sung December 6, 2016

Ask a North Korean: Guns and going hunting in North Korea

Hunting is rare and heavily restricted, and the most prized animal specimens go to top brass

Kim Yoo-sung November 4, 2016

Finding your significant other in North Korea

Can love overcome the songbun hierarchical system?

Kim Yoo-sung August 5, 2016

A North Korean in the South Korean army

When South Korean men talk military service memories it's easy for a defector to feel left out

Kim Yoo-sung July 5, 2016
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