June 02, 2020

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John Lee

John Lee is a blogger at the Korean Foreigner and focuses on economic and political issues as they relate to the Koreas and the United States.

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With diplomacy going nowhere, it's time to accept the status quo with North Korea

Military action would end in disaster, and lifting sanctions would set a dangerous precedent

John Lee June 23, 2019

Why Moon Jae-in's North Korea policy isn't working

With Trump and Kim refusing to budge, the South Korean President is headed for failure

John Lee April 18, 2019

After Trump, what? Moon Jae-in's fragile legacy on North Korea

Though he has succeeded in flattering the U.S. President, history will not be kind to the ROK leader

John Lee November 19, 2018

Why a breakout of war on the peninsula is the least of South Korea's worries

Stuck between "American First" and Byungjin, Seoul needs to steel itself for uncertainty

John Lee November 1, 2017

How North Korea won this round of tensions

Poor leadership in Seoul and Washington has given Pyongyang the upper hand

John Lee August 16, 2017

How Donald Trump is seriously undermining the South Korea-U.S. alliance

From the "armada" to THAAD, it seems each new blunder alienates Seoul more and more

John Lee April 30, 2017

Kim Jong Nam's killing shows that talking to North Korea is pointless

The brutal crime shows that the DPRK is not a normal country

John Lee March 7, 2017

Make no mistake: Reopening the Kaesong Industrial Complex is a terrible idea

Restarting work at KIC would require total transparency from North Korea - an impossible scenario

John Lee February 20, 2017

The coming drift in the U.S.-South Korean alliance

With Trump in the White House and a progressive government in Seoul likely, a clash is coming

John Lee January 19, 2017

How the Trump-China Taiwan spat could help North Korea

A major decline in U.S.-PRC relations could see China up its support for Pyongyang

John Lee December 16, 2016
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