April 09, 2020

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Jiwon Song

Jiwon Song is an NK News contributor based in Seoul and studied International Relations at Waseda University. Follower her @jiwon_song121

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N. Korea conducts failed BM-25 missile launch

Third test of North's intermediate-range missile fails ahead of talks by Seoul, Washington, Tokyo

North Korea condemns Obama for Hiroshima visit

North Korea doesn't want Japan - U.S. to have progressive relationship

Jiwon Song May 30, 2016

S.Korea, Japan, the U.S. to discuss North Korea next month

Discussions will involve a post congress North Korea and the nuclear issue

Jiwon Song May 26, 2016

U.S. official encourages plan for N.Korea collapse

Korea-based expert says waiting for Pyongyang collapse outdated under Kim Jong Un leadership

Jiwon Song May 4, 2016

N.Korea emphasizes youth ahead of Party Congress: KINU

Gradual shift toward youth of power elite to be expected, though not too quickly

Jiwon Song April 29, 2016

Park warns of unification 'by N.Korea' without textbook changes

South Korean president says current textbooks legitimate N.Korea, hinder national pride

Jiwon Song April 27, 2016

13 N.Korean restaurant workers defect to S.Korea: Unification ministry

Ministry of Unification won't share time and place of defection, citing security concerns

Jiwon Song April 8, 2016

How Japan nabbed a N.Korean agent it couldn't charge with spying

Lacking a National Security Act, authorities resort to insurance fraud, credit card theft charges

Jiwon Song April 7, 2016

'N.Korean' document slamming China likely fake: experts

Handwritten document of unclear authorship, purpose leads to doubts of authenticity

Jiwon Song April 1, 2016

A look into North Korea's 'Invitation-Only Zone'

Journalist Robert Boynton spent years investigating North Korea’s abduction of Japanese citizens

Jiwon Song | Oliver Hotham March 24, 2016
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