January 23, 2021

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Park Ji Woo

Park Ji Woo is author of the “North Korean in New York” series. She left North Korea in the mid 2000s and is now living in New York City, New York.

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A North Korean in New York City says goodbye

"Living in the U.S. makes me feel equal to others"

Park Ji Woo August 11, 2013

North Korean Movies VS NYC Summer Blockbusters

"I would like to share my favorite movies with my father, such as The Matrix, Titanic, and Shrek. I would like to take him to the theaters in Seoul, just like he did in North Korea when I was a child."

Park Ji Woo June 28, 2013

North Korean tips on how to survive New York City summers

"In North Korea I had never seen an air conditioner; I had never even heard of it."

Park Ji Woo June 21, 2013

A North Korean Loves New York City Summer Fashion

"New York City and North Korean fashion color palettes are very similar!"

Park Ji Woo June 15, 2013

A North Korean goes to Disneyland

"I would not have visited the U.S. and explored so many great places, if my mother had not escaped North Korea"

Park Ji Woo June 7, 2013

Broadway Shows and North Korean Operas

"I think I would rather watch North Korean operas because at least I can understand them"

Park Ji Woo May 30, 2013

From racial bias to loving Harlem: A North Korean in New York

"I have to admit that I had a big racial bias before coming to New York City"

Park Ji Woo May 24, 2013

Holidays in New York City and North Korea – The Differences

'On my way home from Thanksgiving in New York City, I thought of my father and my younger sister back in North Korea'

Park Ji Woo May 3, 2013

NYC Street Food VS North Korean Market Food

"My favorite street food in New York City is the Halal food truck - I like their food because it's similar to Korean fried rice with meat"

Park Ji Woo April 24, 2013

A North Korean In New York: An Introduction

A North Korean now living in New York City tells NK NEWS How She Initially Left the DPRK

Park Ji Woo April 24, 2013