December 06, 2023

A North Korean Loves New York City Summer Fashion

"New York City and North Korean fashion color palettes are very similar!"

Editing by Nara Han / Artwork by NK NEWS illustrator Cammy Smithwick

A woman is running by the river in the morning, wearing a tight black tank top and shorts. The Nike running shoes on her feet look great. While she runs, she listens to pop songs on her iPhone. She is blushing and sweating, yet she looks tireless and elegant. This is how I pictured a New Yorker before coming to New York City. Although it is a highly cosmopolitan city and major fashion shows are held here every year, New Yorkers’ fashion is not really colorful. They love black and grey. One interesting thing that I discovered is that most New Yorkers wear black, grey or white coats during the winter. Red, blue or orange coats, which are so popular in South Korea, were almost never seen.