January 20, 2021

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David Volodzko

David Volodzko is a journalist whose writing has appeared in Foreign Policy, the Jamestown Foundation, The Diplomat and the Wall Street Journal. He is also a former Korea correspondent for South China Morning Post and the former national editor for Korea JoongAng Daily.

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Biden’s ‘Asia tsar’ appointee adds to a wave of focus on North Korea and China

Kurt Campbell’s next pivot to Asia strategy involves the U.S. bringing its allies together to pressure North Korea

David Volodzko January 14, 2021

New CIA nominee favors back-channel talks with North Korea and Iran nuclear deal

President-elect Joe Biden nominated William “Bill” Burns to head the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency

David Volodzko January 11, 2021

How Biden’s foreign policy and defense picks could affect North Korea

Biden recently picked Wendy Sherman, Kathleen Hicks, Victoria Nuland and Colin Kahl to join his team

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Top US commander wants Biden to shoot for more North Korea diplomacy in 2021

United States Forces Korea commander urges Biden to continue military drills as well as ‘palpable’ reduction of tensions

David Volodzko January 4, 2021

Seoul foreign minister defends leaflet law, says free speech is ‘not absolute’

Kang Kyung-wha spoke up about a controversial new law that bans leaflets and other items from being sent to North Korea

David Volodzko December 16, 2020

After major Russian spy hacks, US says North Korea is an even stronger threat

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said North Korea is more prolific than Russia about trying to get into American servers

David Volodzko December 14, 2020

US official will probe South Korean civic rights if ‘anti-leaflet’ bill passes

Seoul may soon pass a bill that would punish sending leaflets into North Korea with possible fines and jail time

David Volodzko December 13, 2020

Is Washington abandoning its plan to denuclearize North Korea?

Some are starting to call for a peace regime or a nuclear freeze, but it's unclear what Biden will do

David Volodzko December 11, 2020

Joe Biden’s pick for the Pentagon lacks any noticeable experience on North Korea

Retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin has a long career dealing with the Middle East, but has said very little about Pyongyang

David Volodzko December 8, 2020

Will Trump make a last-ditch effort on North Korea before leaving office?

With two months left in the White House, Trump could still take some last steps on North Korea — for better or for worse

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