March 04, 2021

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Andrei Lankov

Andrei Lankov is a Director at NK News and writes exclusively for the site as one of the world’s leading authorities on North Korea. A graduate of Leningrad State University, he attended Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung University from 1984-5 – an experience you can read about here. In addition to his writing, he is also a Professor at Kookmin University.

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North and South Korea will never, ever reconcile. We should adjust expectations.

The actual goal is to establish, within the Korean Peninsula, a sensible and mild variety of the Cold War regime. 

Andrei Lankov December 4, 2020

Kim Jong Un’s money manipulation is bad news — and there’s likely more to come

The North Korean government is rolling back old decisions at the detriment of the economy

Andrei Lankov November 26, 2020

Russia-North Korea relations hit a high point and then fell into a deadlock

Russian companies won't significantly invest because North Korea can't give them what they don't already have

Andrei Lankov November 12, 2020

Why part of me will miss Trump’s ignorant and eccentric approach to North Korea

Trump's North Korea deal was unrealistic, but at least it had a chance. Biden's North Korea policy will play it safe.

Andrei Lankov November 10, 2020

North Korean fishermen lead dangerous lives as the ‘avant-garde of capitalism’

A North Korean defector recalls the good old days of profiting off unregulated waters as he casts his line in the South

Andrei Lankov November 5, 2020

Growing US-China tensions could keep North and South Korea apart forever

"Cold War II" battle lines have been drawn, and China isn't about to cede North Korea to the U.S.

Andrei Lankov October 16, 2020

How North Korea will react to Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis — or even his death

Kim Jong Un already sent President Trump well wishes, but will the DPRK try to take advantage of U.S. vulnerability?

Andrei Lankov October 5, 2020

Why North Koreans ‘double defect’ to the DPRK after risking it all to run South

Many defectors believe that they can return to North Korea unnoticed and resume normal lives — and they might be right

Andrei Lankov September 23, 2020

North Korea may soon cut its iconic trolleybus — a historic symbol of the Kims

Moscow is discontinuing its trolleybus service, and Pyongyang could follow suit despite years of use

Andrei Lankov September 21, 2020

Overfished: Why North Korea leaves behind ‘ghost ships’ and turns a blind eye

The world’s fish supply is in critical danger, and strange economic constraints are making things worse for North Korea

Andrei Lankov September 8, 2020
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