October 19, 2019

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Andray Abrahamian

Andray Abrahamian is the 2018-19 Koret Fellow at Stanford University

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On "legitimacy": Trump, Kim, and U.S.-North Korea summitry

Concerns of a PR coup for the DPRK underestimate how crucial leader-to-leader diplomacy really is

Andray Abrahamian July 2, 2019

Why closing the inter-Korean hotline should be off the table

In the give-and-take between the Koreas, the hotline must be kept open to avoid escalating crises

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Call 311: What the new money laundering designation means for N.Korea

So-called ‘nuclear option’ of sanctions makes life more difficult, but won’t kill their trading

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Despite economic emphasis, planks of North Korean strategy hold fail-safe in event of setbacks

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It's just the North Korean economy

Questioning the standard court vs. black market economy narrative

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The UN’s N.Korea sanctions: The new, the familiar, the easily avoided

Much will depend on how other countries, especially China, choose to enforce new resolution

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N.Korea plays the long game with its nukes

Why is Pyongyang testing nuclear weapons in this unprecedented, drawn out fashion?

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Mixed evidence on Chinese implementation of N. Korea sanctions

Paraxoically, Chinese businesses may be primary beneficiaries of sanctions on N. Korea

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Fancy new coffee shop opens in Pyongyang

Andray Abrahamian of Choson Exchange samples Pyongyang's latest coffee shop

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How Barclays bank made a N. Korea scholar feel like a criminal

British banking giant severs account due to North Korea work

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