January 20, 2021

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Adam Cathcart

Adam Cathcart is a lecturer in history at the University of Leeds and the editor of Sino-NK.

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With COVID-19 still raging in China and Russia, North Korea can’t relax just yet

If Pyongyang is hoping to wait out the corona-crisis, recent outbreaks across the border will make that wait even longer

Adam Cathcart June 4, 2020

How the coronavirus is being dealt with on the other side of the Tumen river

While there have been no reported cases in North Korea, the virus has spread to neighboring Jilin Province in China

Adam Cathcart February 18, 2020

Why there’s more to the inner-workings of North Korea than just Kim Jong Un

A new report shows how we need more focus on DPRK institutions and the people who comprise them

Adam Cathcart September 26, 2019

How North Korea’s institutions have responded to the changing role of women

Recent research suggests the state has a lot of catching up to do

How life for women is — and isn’t — changing under Kim Jong Un

Recent research paints a grim, though sometimes surprising, picture

Pivot to Beijing? Kim Jong Un’s play for economic stability after Hanoi

Fresh from failure in Vietnam, the North Korean leader can take comfort in warming Sino-DPRK ties

Adam Cathcart March 3, 2019

Music, diplomacy, and dictatorship: North Korean concerts in Beijing

More important than the optics were the meetings that took place on the sidelines

Adam Cathcart January 31, 2019

Déjà vu all over again: Kim Jong Un returns to Beijing

The North Korean leader's visits to China appear increasingly routine

Adam Cathcart January 9, 2019

Why North Korea and the U.S. should try a little cultural diplomacy

Pyongyang could harness the zeitgeist and push its soft power

Adam Cathcart October 16, 2018

Chinese experts on North Korea, from contingency planning to economic reforms

Examining what scholars choose to focus on can offer some insights into evolving bilateral ties

Adam Cathcart September 24, 2018
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