December 05, 2020

‘The Mole’ director talks North Korean weapon sales, the film’s fallout and more

Director Mads Brügger shares behind-the-scenes details on 'The Mole,' the Korean Friendship Association and more

Earlier this month, a new documentary series called “The Mole” implicated North Korea in an alleged scheme to sell weapons and drugs to two undercover Danish actors. 

Using roughly 10 years of secretly-recorded footage, “The Mole” shows DPRK operatives traversing the globe with Ulrich Larsen and Jim Latrache-Qvortrup, who pose as a loyal member of the Danish Korean Friendship Association (KFA) and as an arms dealer named “Mr. James.” The two actors work closely with Spanish aristocrat and KFA President Alejandro Cao de Benós, who appears to be acting as a middleman between them and North Korea.