June 03, 2020


Information related to the North Korea economic sector


North Korea’s changing economy: the view from the markets

Amid a wider crackdown on private activity, it appears there is ongoing discussion on the role of markets in the country

Peter Ward May 13, 2020

Yanggakdo football stadium undergoing major refurbishment, recent imagery shows

Stadium built in 1989 appears to be undergoing slow renovation process

Chad O'Carroll May 13, 2020

Pyongyang to send tourist electric carts to delayed Wonsan-Kalma resort

New vehicles reportedly domestically produced, following North Korean leader's recent appearances using Chinese models

Colin Zwirko May 13, 2020

Millions of dollars' worth of exports to China likely rerouted to North Korea

Data could reveal "serious loophole" in the global sanctions regime, official previously told NK Pro

Jacob Fromer May 12, 2020

North Korea's economy plagued by "absurdities," serious challenges: state media

Rodong Sinmun hails recent reported success, however, while denouncing "economic servitude" caused by foreign aid

Jeongmin Kim May 12, 2020

Some North Korean exports to China resold in EU and South Korea, data suggests

Figures could represent what may be a significant and previously-unreported loophole in global sanctions regime

Jacob Fromer May 11, 2020

Imagery reveals scope of Samjiyon reconstruction project’s “third stage” 

Most villages in city limits near North Korea's symbolic Mt. Paektu seeing major demolition, reconstruction in 2020

Colin Zwirko May 8, 2020

North Korean online trading portal offers escrow payment system to users

Jagangryok intranet service appears to be first to offer escrow payments in DPRK

Chad O'Carroll May 8, 2020

North Korean media lauds new fertilizer factory, rejects "reform and opening"

State-run outlets hail Sunchon facilities as a "cutting-edge fort" in the face of foreign pressure

Jeongmin Kim May 5, 2020

North Korean port back in service as some quarantine measures remain in place

Ships seen transiting in and out of Nampho while some remain anchored in latest satellite imagery

Min Chao Choy May 5, 2020