September 29, 2020


Leo Byrne

Leo Byrne was the Data and Analytic Director at NK News. Follow him on twitter @LeoPByrne


North Korea imports less oil from Russia in May: UN

Though the DPRK's oil tankers remain active as of June, July

Leo Byrne July 5, 2019

North Korean imports of Chinese cereals increased in May, data shows

Though the DPRK still spent more money importing tobacco products from PRC

Leo Byrne July 3, 2019

Vessels in South Korea linked to older North Korean smuggling networks

Two vessels suspected of smuggling on behalf of the DPRK have been in South Korea for months

Leo Byrne July 2, 2019

Russian oil shipments to North Korea valued at $3.3 million in April

Figures notably higher than reported shipments from Beijing

Leo Byrne July 1, 2019

Chinese exports to North Korea increase to highest levels since 2017

Bump in export value in part due to large fertilizer shipments

Leo Byrne June 28, 2019

North Korean cereal imports plummeted in first quarter of 2019: data

Though imports are higher than during the same period last year

Leo Byrne June 25, 2019

China reports first gasoline shipment to North Korea since 2017

Though the exported amount was negligible, valued only $35,000 dollars for the month of April

Leo Byrne June 21, 2019

Russian oil shipments to North Korea remain high in March, April: UN

Though shipments just a fraction of Chinese crude numbers

Leo Byrne June 20, 2019

Vessel which transshipped North Korean coal arrives in South Korea

Vessel moved DPRK coal from Russia to China, according to Panel of Experts

Leo Byrne June 18, 2019

China’s crude oil exports to North Korea: what the data shows

Figures made available to the PoE shows that crude shipments were on a par with historical equivalents

Leo Byrne June 13, 2019
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