September 26, 2020


Leo Byrne

Leo Byrne was the Data and Analytic Director at NK News. Follow him on twitter @LeoPByrne


North Korean vessel resurfaces near China with Cambodian flag

Vessel appeared near Chinese coast, though did not appear to visit any ports

Leo Byrne August 21, 2019

North Korea imported over $1 billion in Chinese goods in first half of 2019: data

DPRK imports from PRC likely on course to pass $2 billion in total value by year's end

Leo Byrne August 15, 2019

Sanctioned N. Korean ship arrives near Chinese coast, turns off location signal

DPRK-flagged vessels continue to flout international maritime laws in busy waterways

Leo Byrne August 13, 2019

Sharp drop in Russian petroleum exports to North Korea in June: UN data

Exports dropped similarly last year, numbers indicate

Leo Byrne August 12, 2019

North Korean imports of tobacco products continue to increase in June

DPRK tobacco imports out-pace reported spending on cereals, beverages, and refined oil

Leo Byrne August 8, 2019

Chinese refined oil exports to North Korea rose in June: data

DPRK imports from its neighbor rose to over $3 million in value compared to previous month

Leo Byrne August 6, 2019

Tanker which smuggled oil to North Korea leaves South Korea

Vessel leaves South Korean waters and heads to an area near Shanghai

Leo Byrne August 5, 2019

Satellite imagery shows upgrade at North Korea’s functioning refinery

Images indicate the addition of a catalytic cracker, which could improve gasoline and diesel production

Leo Byrne August 4, 2019

In rare move, North Korean tankers increasingly broadcast locations in transit

Traffic suggests DPRK's smuggling operations continue

Leo Byrne July 31, 2019

North Korea exports to China fall to yearly lows

DPRK also bought fewer food products from its neighbor in June, data shows

Leo Byrne July 30, 2019
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