December 03, 2023


James Fretwell

James Fretwell

James Fretwell is an Analyst at NK News.


The US policy review is finished, but it’s same old, same old to North Korea

The Biden administration says it will pursue diplomacy and deterrence, but all North Korea sees is more hostile policy

James FretwellJames FretwellMay 2, 2021

With only a year left, Moon pitches American public on his hope for peace

South Korea’s president tries to sway US citizens and entice Biden to pick up from where his predecessor dropped out

James FretwellJames FretwellApril 22, 2021

North Korea wants Biden’s attention. The best way to get it: ballistic missiles.

Kim Jong Un fired two short-range ballistic missiles to get on the U.S.’ agenda before a key policy review is finished

James FretwellJames FretwellMarch 25, 2021

Kim and Moon are the biggest losers of Blinken’s Asia visit

The Biden administration is not offering Pyongyang the flexibility that both North and South Korea likely hoped for

James FretwellJames FretwellMarch 19, 2021

Why Kim Yo Jong will complain about US-ROK military drills until the end of time

Military exercises have little impact on talks with North Korea, regardless of angry words from Kim Jong Un’s sister

James FretwellJames FretwellMarch 17, 2021

Japan’s back in the North Korea game, but it faces nearly impossible challenges

North Korea’s long-range nuclear threat could overshadow Japan’s other security priorities

James FretwellJames FretwellFebruary 23, 2021

Seven decades of friendship and envy: North Korea’s relations with Vietnam

Vietnam achieved what the Kim regime never could: national reunification and a booming economy

James FretwellJames FretwellFebruary 1, 2021

New US State Department pick spells doom for Moon’s North Korea policies

Jung H. Pak supports using maximum pressure rather than showy summits in order to force Kim into giving up his nukes

James FretwellJames FretwellJanuary 28, 2021

Why Seoul’s foreign minister nominee won’t be able to score Moon more summits

Chung Eui-yong helped fix 2018 and 2019's summits, but COVID-19 and a reluctant Biden will make more talks difficult

James FretwellJames FretwellJanuary 22, 2021

A newly-declassified document underscores Trump’s North Korea failures

The U.S. wanted to convince North Korea that it doesn’t need nukes, but Kim is far from persuaded

James FretwellJames FretwellJanuary 15, 2021
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