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Jacco Zwetsloot

Jacco Zwetsloot

Jacco Zwetsloot has been the host of the NK News Podcast since episode 1 in February 2018. He has interviewed a wide range of guests about their knowledge of and experience in North Korea, from celebrity defectors to high-ranking U.S. government officials. His goal is to help as wide a cross-section of North Korea-related stories as possible be told, in order to build up a fuller picture. Jacco has a Master of Arts from Leiden University, for which he wrote a thesis on North Korean graphic novels.

North Korea News Podcast

To Pyongyang and back again – NKNews Podcast Ep.67

The NK News team discusses a recent trip to the DPRK and last week's leadership reshuffle

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootApril 16, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

How inter-Korean diplomacy impacts South Korea’s military – NKNews Podcast Ep.66

Retired LTG Chun In-bum talks readiness, trust-building, and the end of joint military drills

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootApril 8, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

Open for business? Law and litigation in North Korea – NKNews Podcast Ep.65

Michael Hay discusses his time running a law firm in Pyongyang — and prospects for the future

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootApril 1, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

Made in Chosun: exploring North Korean ephemera – NKNews Podcast Ep.64

In a special video podcast, Koryo Tours's Nick Bonner takes readers around his Seoul exhibition

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 27, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

Getting creative about the future of Korean unification – NKNews Podcast Ep.63

UniKorea's Holly Kang talks working with defectors — and how civil society can promote awareness

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 18, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

Why Jim Rogers wants to invest in North Korea – NKNews Podcast Ep.62

The veteran businessman talks investment, unification, and the economic future of North Korea

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 11, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

How to talk to North Korea – NKNews Podcast Ep.61

Glyn Ford discusses engagement, the benefits of Track 1.5 meetings, and why the Hanoi summit failed

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 5, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

Making sense of the no-deal summit – NKNews Podcast Ep.60

Fresh from covering the dramatic events in Hanoi, NK News journalists share some initial impressions

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMarch 1, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

Women and human rights in the DPRK – NKNews Podcast Ep.59

Jay Song discusses the DPRK's key women players and chronic human rights problem

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootFebruary 26, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

The messy history of U.S.-North Korea nuclear diplomacy – NK News Podcast ep.58

Amb. Joseph R. DeTrani discusses past agreements with the DPRK -- and why they failed

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootFebruary 18, 2019
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