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Jacco Zwetsloot

Jacco Zwetsloot

Jacco Zwetsloot has been the host of the NK News Podcast since episode 1 in February 2018. He has interviewed a wide range of guests about their knowledge of and experience in North Korea, from celebrity defectors to high-ranking U.S. government officials. His goal is to help as wide a cross-section of North Korea-related stories as possible be told, in order to build up a fuller picture. Jacco has a Master of Arts from Leiden University, for which he wrote a thesis on North Korean graphic novels.

North Korea News Podcast

Beer and business in North Korea – NKNews Podcast Ep.77

Daniel Tudor discusses markets, maekju, and the two Koreas

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJune 18, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

Rock and roll in Pyongyang: the 1989 World Festival – NKNews Podcast Ep.76

Journalist and author Bradley K. Martin discusses his experiences covering the landmark event

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJune 13, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

A North Korean “opening up”? The 1989 World Festival – NKNews Podcast Ep.75

Andrei Lankov discusses the DPRK's response to the 1988 Olympics in Seoul

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJune 10, 2019

How South Koreans really feel about unification – NKNews Podcast Ep.74

KINU's Lee Sang-shin talks public opinion, methodology, and changing perceptions of the North

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJune 4, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

How Trump can get a real deal with North Korea – NKNews Podcast Ep.73

The Heritage Foundation's Bruce Klingner talks arms control, sanctions, and the ROK-U.S. alliance

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMay 27, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

How to address North Korea’s dire humanitarian situation – NKNews Podcast Ep.72

Dr. Kee Park discusses maximum pressure, medical cooperation, and a recent trip to the DPRK

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMay 21, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

Moon Chung-in on economic cooperation and unification – NKNews Podcast Ep.71

The influential Blue House advisor talks summits, sanctions, and diplomatic strategy

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMay 13, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

What exactly did North Korea test over the weekend? – NKNews Podcast Ep.70

The NK News Seoul team discusses the DPRK's new rocket and prospects for diplomacy going forward

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootMay 6, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

Unpacking the mystery of North Korea’s “ghost ships” – NKNews Podcast Ep.69

Filmmaker Nicholas Ahlmark discusses his new documentary investigating the enigmatic phenomenon

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootApril 29, 2019

How to read the North Korean media – NKNews Podcast Ep.68

NK Pro's Minyoung Rachel Lee discusses the subtle art of propaganda analysis

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootApril 22, 2019
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