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Jacco Zwetsloot

Jacco Zwetsloot

Jacco Zwetsloot has been the host of the NK News Podcast since episode 1 in February 2018. He has interviewed a wide range of guests about their knowledge of and experience in North Korea, from celebrity defectors to high-ranking U.S. government officials. His goal is to help as wide a cross-section of North Korea-related stories as possible be told, in order to build up a fuller picture. Jacco has a Master of Arts from Leiden University, for which he wrote a thesis on North Korean graphic novels.

North Korea News Podcast

N. Korea’s surprisingly international scientific community – NKNews Podcast Ep.87

Joshua H. Pollack discusses why DPRK researchers can, increasingly, take their work abroad

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJuly 23, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

How North Korea can guarantee future energy security – NKNews Podcast Ep.86

The Nautilus Institute's Peter Hayes talks electricity and environmentalism in the DPRK

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJuly 19, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

Amb. Robert Gallucci on what went wrong in Hanoi – NKNews Podcast Ep.85

Former U.S. negotiator talks diplomacy, working-level talks, and the art of the North Korea deal

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJuly 16, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

Rethinking U.S. engagement with the Korean peninsula – NKNews Podcast Ep.84

Doug Bandow talks diplomacy, pressure, and why he believes it's time for U.S. troops to leave Korea

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJuly 12, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

How to achieve “One Free Korea” in an era of engagement – NKNews Podcast Ep.83

Joshua Stanton discusses the future of sanctions and prospects for regime change

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJuly 9, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

North Korea-China relations and great power rivalry – NKNews Podcast Ep.82

Dr. Seong-hyon Lee of the Sejong Institute discusses changing attitudes towards the DPRK in Beijing

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJuly 5, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

Making sense of a surprise DMZ summit – NKNews Podcast Ep.81

NK News's Seoul team discusses Kim, Trump, and a bombastic photo-op at Panmunjom

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJuly 1, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

The Czech connection at the 1989 World Festival – NKNews Podcast Ep.80

Dr. Vladimir Hlasny talks about the International Union of Students and its role in the event

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJune 28, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

The role of the CTBTO in North Korea’s denuclearization – NKNews Podcast Ep.79

Dr. Lassina Zerbo discusses arms control, denuclearization, and prospects for a grand deal

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJune 25, 2019
North Korea News Podcast

You had to be there: the 1989 World Festival – NKNews Podcast Ep.78

Tobias Kjellström and Monique Macias discuss taking part in the landmark celebration

Jacco ZwetslootJacco ZwetslootJune 21, 2019
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