September 21, 2019
September 21, 2019
Rethinking U.S. engagement with the Korean peninsula – NKNews Podcast Ep.84
Rethinking U.S. engagement with the Korean peninsula – NKNews Podcast Ep.84
Doug Bandow talks diplomacy, pressure, and why he believes it's time for U.S. troops to leave Korea
July 12th, 2019

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The U.S.’s presence on and approach to the Korean peninsula is based on a conventional understanding of its role in the world, in Asia, and the ways in which the country achieves its foreign policy goals.

Doug Bandow has for years fought against the mainstream “blob” in D.C., arguing that America’s activities and alliance commitments – as currently exercised in the world – do not reflect the realities of geopolitics and national security goals in 2019.

In this week’s episode, we ask Bandow what Washington can do to engage North Korea, evaluate the current administration’s top-down diplomatic efforts, look into parallels between the DPRK and Iran, and learn why he believes it’s time for a phased reduction in U.S. military presence on the peninsula.

Doug Bandow is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, specializing in foreign policy and civil liberties. He worked as special assistant to President Ronald Reagan and editor of the political magazine Inquiry.

About the podcast: The “North Korea News Podcast” is a weekly podcast hosted exclusively by NK News, covering all things DPRK: from news to extended interview with leading experts and analysts in the field and insight from our very own journalists.

Featured image: KCNA

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