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Dagyum Ji

Dagyum Ji

Dagyum Ji was a senior NK News correspondent based in Seoul. She previously worked for Reuters TV.


N.Korean youth should become ‘five million nuclear bombs’ – Children’s Union

Amid increasing outside influence, doubles-down on idolization of leadership

Dagyum JiDagyum JiAugust 29, 2016

N.Korea’s SLBM reaches the final stage of deployment: Chosun Sinbo

Pro-North Korea outlet claims advanced development of SLBM, implies testing complete

Dagyum JiDagyum JiAugust 26, 2016

Internet of Things-style technology emerges in N.Korea, state TV shows

'Domestically produced' device is powered with Windows CE operating system

Dagyum JiDagyum JiAugust 25, 2016

North Korea’s youth congress: Proper purpose or dangerous deception?

Defector, experts reveal Illusion of North Korea’s youth policies

Dagyum JiDagyum JiAugust 24, 2016

United Nations Command criticizes North Korea for laying mines in the DMZ

UNC says KPA actions on the border "jeopardizes" the safety of troops as well as visitors

Dagyum JiDagyum JiAugust 24, 2016

At least seven N.Korean diplos defected to S.Korea in 2016: JoongAng

Unlike case of Thae Yong Ho, other cases yet to be confirmed by Ministry of Unification

Dagyum JiDagyum JiAugust 23, 2016

S.Korea: Chances of N.Korean provocation ‘higher than ever’

MoU warns South Koreans to take precautions when traveling overseas

Dagyum JiDagyum JiAugust 22, 2016

Defector diplomat accused of sexual crimes with minor: N.Korean state media

Accusation shows cultural understanding of Western sensitivities, expert says

Chad O'CarrollChad O'Carroll | Dagyum JiAugust 20, 2016

N.Korean money-maker flees European posting: Dong-a Ilbo

North Korea is at a "tipping point" says South Korean expert

Dagyum JiDagyum JiAugust 19, 2016

Netflix style video-on-demand comes to North Korea, state TV shows

With device, users can search for material by title or category

Dagyum JiDagyum JiAugust 18, 2016